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Bosch Integra 700 Series Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range

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a cook's dream


I actually love to cook, so i made my husband invest in this great range. I love it because it cooks my meals very fast and it is so easy to use. The design of it is modern and it has a lot of great features. the inside of the oven has a self clean setting so that it cleans itself instead of me having to do it. I like the option i have to use either electricity or gas when i cook. I find that sometimes it gives my food a different flavor and that makes my cooking more enjoyable. The range was pretty heavy so installing it took a few people to help lift and move it into the alloted space. I love the front of the range because of the metal design it has. The silver color of the range helps it to match with any decor that i may have in the kitchen.


Green Cove Springs, FL


best range I have ever used!


I recently upgraded to a new Bosch Integra 700 HD17282 Dual Fuel Range.  My old range just didn't cut it anymore.  One of the first things to note is the stainless steel that makes my kitchen look more luxurious.  You can't beat the dual fuel range.  Both electric and gas! WOW!!  I am so glad that someone thought of this.  I was always concerned about using an electric range as I have always used a gas range.  My friend, on the other hand, preferred electric ranges and told me that I should give that a try.  Now I have the best of both worlds.  I can cook all my favorite foods with this range without worrying about the temperature being too high or too low.  I have gotten several compliments from family and friends about the ease of use of the range and how appealing it looks in my kitchen.  It compliments my other stainless steel appliances.  I would recommend this a Bosche range to anyone who is looking for a new range. 


Oak Lawn, IL


BEST I have owned


My last range was a prfessional chef range. I liked it, but it was very hard to clean. It always looked dirty and the time it took to clean it was too much. the Bosch has a sealed top and cleans quickly. The burners heat well and it really works every bit as good, but at a much lower price. I would highly recommend it.


Saint Petersburg, FL


Bosch Integra 700 Series Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range

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