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Bosch Evolution Ascenta 24" Built In Dishwasher


Bosch SHE3AR76UC Full Console Dishwasher with 14-Place Settings, 6 Wash Cycles, 2 Options, Sanitize Option, Delay Start, Adjustable Upper Rack and 50 dBA: Black

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Unbelievably quiet and does a great job at cleaning!!!


Our old dishwasher bit the dust and we had to begin the hunt for a good replacement. I didn't want to spend the money on fancy great looking brand names that looked amazing but didn't clean very well. After looking at a few options, we unanimously decided on the Bosch SHE3AR76UC. We had heard good things about the brand but had no previous experience with it. It looked good and seemed to have some great reviews. We decided to reserve our opinions until we experienced it for ourselves. Installation was easy with the proper connections. It's a beautiful machine that fit perfectly with our existing kitchen design BUT when we turned it on..... THAT is when the magic happened!!! This dishwasher is sooooo quiet! You can stand next to it, have a phone conversation, AND hear EVERY WORD!! At first we double and triple checked to make sure that it was still on. It was. When the test was over, we put on the kick plate with insulation that came with it... and it was even quieter. We were amazed. When we opened the door, the sight was amazeballs. Everything was so clean that it actually sparkled. Literally sparkled.Our dishes were CLEAN! Like *SHING!!! SPARKLE! SPARKLE!* clean. We cook a lot in this house and we're pretty busy so the dishes aren't always done immediately. This cleaned crusted glass baking dishes and stainless steel sauce pans/pots with no problem. I am so impressed with this machine.

North Carolina


best cleaning dishwasher


Very impressed how well this dishwasher cleans dishes, even baked on dishes come out clean. I like the different cleaning options. you can pack it FULL and all comes out clean! Its so quiet too! I like the silverware rack off to the side, the top rack can be a little tricky when you gave a lot of big cups and mugs though. Noise Level Very quiet Cleaning Time Depends on which cycle you use. The heavy wash is long at two yikes fourth minutes, but why argue if it cleans so well? Loading Flexibility Top rack can get tricky if you have many big mugs and cups.



Great Reputation, Cleans Well.


I purchased this dishwasher because of Bosch's great reputation, so when I went shopping it was really a matter of finding the model with the right price. It is a fairly quiet machine, great energy saver, and gets that water REALLY hot (for those who like to ensure complete sterilization!). The inside capacity is quite a bit less than my previous dishwasher (kitchenaide) but being a small household, this is not a problem. I do wish that the racks had more variety in it's configuration. It loads PLENTY of plates, but odd shaped items and stemware takes some imagination and re-figuring to make fit. I am still working on cereal bowl placement. Has stainless steel walls but a plastic bottom and spray arms. Drys well without heat but you must use a rinse aid. The filter is easy to remove and clean. Noise Level Much less noise than my previous washer, but don't be fooled that you won't hear it at all. Can still have a conversation in the kitchen while it is running! Cleaning Time I usually start my washer before going to bed so I really don't notice the cleaning time. Takes about 2 hours for a load on normal wash. A little longer than my previous but not a major concern for me. Loading Flexibility Lower rack can hold a huge amount of plates. Does have a fold down row on bottom and top, but even with this feature, I have difficulty with odd shaped items and I find that glasses and small bowl loading are still a mystery to me as far as most effective configuration. Performance Cleans well (most important feature to me). Can sanitize and it gets HOT!!! Don't try to unload immediately after the cycle has ended without asbestos gloves :-) Ha cha cha. The instructions say no need to pre-rinse or pre-wash, but in reality, I have NEVER found a dishwasher that cleans that well on some items (baked on items, pots and pans, etc.), so I didn't expect this one to either. I tried it out on a baking dish and it still left some residue. Design The controls are easy to read and find. There are some features that are not intuitive and you must read the instructions for them. Still have not figured out how to adjust the rinse aid dispensing, but I'm working on it! So much to read, so little time to do it. That being said, to start washing right away is not difficult. Durability I am giving this a good based on reputation as I have not had it long enough to evaluate this feature. If I have a problem, I will update. If I don't have a problem I will mention this as well.

Ballwin, MO


Bosch Evolution Ascenta 24" Built In Dishwasher

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