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Bosch Evolution 500 Built-In Dishwasher

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Bosch dishwasher is overrated


Bosch dishwasher SHE45M. On the positive side, this unit is super quiet. That's the only positive it offers. It does not clean all dishes. It has an odor tht won't go away ( only had this unit 6 weeks) and it is not food scraps. Load space and capacity is 20% smaller than other dishwashers, door is hard to open and is way overpriced. I have Bosch power tools and there is none better in this category. Bosch auto parts are the best. Appliances suck. I am returning my Bosch SHE45M to the retailer for a refund so I can buy a Maytag

Indianapolis, IN


Bosch SHE45M over rated dishwasher


I purchased a Bosch SHE45M dishwasher 6 weeks ago. It is without a doubt, the quietest running dishwasher I have ever seen or heard. The positive stops there unfortunately. This unit is way below average in its cleaning ability. Every other cycle or so, sometimes continuously, this dishwasher will leave food scraps on my dishes ( and I thoroughly rinse my dishes before I load them ) You can not put a baking sheet or other serviceware items in the machine with any food on them. Even in the "power wash" cycle, it only cleans 90% ( and leaves traces of food on the other dishes) Cycle time is one third to one half times longer than other dishwashers and yet still doesn't clean the dishes. The Bosch gives off an odor after each cycle and between cycles when you open the door. It smell something akin to "wet metal like" smell and hard to describe but the odor is obnoxious and wont go away. I have cleaned the food trap etc. and the odor persists. I have used different detergents too, it still stinks. I spent far too much money on this unit and had it professionally installed. I have started dialogue with Lowes's ( where I bought it ) to have them take the unit back and I will buy another Maytag. Too bad, this unit is so quiet too.

Greenfield, IN


Bosch Evolution 500 Built-In Dishwasher

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