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Bosch Evolution 300 Series Built-in Dishwasher

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Bought it for its stainless steel tub would never by another one


I bought it because Bosch has a name in the dishwasher and washer business but I would be very careful if I ever bought another Bosch. It has had pump problems for years. We replaced the pump once but still some-days it just decides not to work right. It has grey plastic wheels that roll the trays out for the dishes and the bottom ones are constantly falling off. I run the dishes through a rinse first then I washout the strainer before I start it on a wash otherwise the dishes come out dirty. Also, it is arranged poorly to wash dishes . The place were the bowls should go is not sufficient. It is clumsy and awkward to load. Don't overload this machine. It can hardly handle a regular load. Noise Level Noisy pump. Washing motion is quiet but draining is loud. Cleaning Time 2 hours for standard wash. Loading Flexibility Poor Performance If you rinse dishes first they should get clean but sometimes there is soap and scum on the floor of the dishwasher and yet it says they are clean. Plastic parts fall off. Design Design could be much improved. No where for bowls and serving spoons or any tall utensils. Durability The pump is a problem.



More dependable than my husband!


This dishwasher came with our new construction home 4 years ago. I knew the Bosch name usually represented quality and I have not been disapointed. I run it every day and sometimes twice a day. We are family of 6 and everything gets a lot of use in our house- this is no exception but I have never had a problem with it. The dishes always come out clean every time and it has not needed any maintenance. I was concerned the stainless steele front would be difficult to keep clean but even with 4 kids and 4 yrs of use it still looks new after a good wipe off. I can fit most of my pans in it and the bottom layout is great but the top layout leaves me needing more room for cups. I seem to have too much space for plates and not enough for cups. It could just be our family but I do wish it was configured a little differently inside. It is pretty quiet and I can run it when the kids go to bed and still hear my TV in the next room without any trouble. It can take a long time to run a load through but my understanding is that is due to the temp. of the water going into it. I try to run our sink until it is hot and then start the washer- this is suppose to cut down on the length it takes to wash since the heater doesn't have to work as long to get it warm enough to do the job.

Wasilla, AK


Keeps cleaning, but not my top pick


This dishwasher has washed a LOT of dishes in its time!  I can load it up with bunches of dishes, most of which come out clean.  If I don't prescrub the dishes, however, some of the dishes still have food stuck on them- yuck!  (The type of detergent I use doesn't seem to matter.)  The features are nice and easy to use for various types of dishes...there are 6 wash settings, including a cycle for pots and pans and for china, though I prefer to wash my nice china by hand.  There is a delay-wash feature as well.  The top rack had some wheels that rusted and came out several months ago, which of course, made pulling the rack out treacherous.  My husband ordered and successfully replaced the wheels and now it works fine.  Occasionally the bottom middle cleaner stem gets stuck in its upright position, which gets bumped when I pull out either rack.  Overall, this dishwasher does what I need it to do. 

High Point, NC


Bosch Evolution 300 Series Built-in Dishwasher

3.7 3