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Bosch European Convection Range

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Works awesome


The Bosch appliances are not cheap.  BUT they are worth every penny.  They are hard to find used and in good shape, but it would be worth it to start looking as soon as you can.  We bought ours new with no regrets.  We bought the dishwasher-refrigerator-stove-microwave all at the same time from a local dealer so scored a good price.  I like that they all match and have the same high quality.  The stove is so much better looking in my opinion than any other stove.  It works well and in the three years I've had it, used every day, it has never given us a moment's trouble.  We did buy the protection plan or whatever, save the money chances are you won't need it!  My husband has always used Bosch brand power tools so he was attracted to the known quality of Bosch stuff.  I like the stainless steel look, they look awesome in our kitchen.  I would use Bosch again & recommend to a friend.  Bosch is totally quality, buy with confidence.

Gillette, NJ


I can make everything and comes out PERFECT


I bake every other day and had a range prior to this one without a convection feature- what a difference! I make our own pizza dough and our pizzas are spectacular with this range.  The time to bake is shortened and the crusts are a gorgeous brown and wonderfully moist on the inside.  The oven comes with a proofing option, so I no longer have doughs that fail because of the weather- it's fool proof.  The oven also offers a dehydration option, roasting, broiling, normal baking, ect.  You get two lights and nice window to view your product without need to open the door.  The oven also came with a thermometer and you can control the temperature on meats as you please and if medium rare is your taste like ours, the oven delivers when it comes to the perfect temperature.  I love the glass and the touch-screen.  The burners are a dream with cast-iron grates.  The power burner boils water in a little over a minute so it's perfect for boiling water for pasta to roasting peppers on the grill.  Easy clean-up with a stainless steel surface and I just use windex on the glass area.  The only con is that the knobs are plastic as it is with so many brands, however I feel for the price point they should have been metal.  But I can see how metal ones would have transfered heat when the oven is on but I like how metal tends to last better.  One knob tends to stick when the oven has been on for hours.  I concluded this maybe because the plastic slightly changes with heat.  

La Verne, CA


Bosch European Convection Range

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