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Bosch Compact Mixer with Food Proccesor and Blender

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I love my Bosch


I've had my Bosch Compact Mixer for about 7 years and I absolutely love it.  I like that it is ightweight and compact enough that I can leave it on my counter.  But definately a workhorse!  I've had opportunity to use a friend's mixer that is more "industrial" looking and  it made me appreciate the power of the Bosch.  We use it almost every day to make bread, tortilla dough, pie crusts, pizza dough or cookie dough.  We also use it weekly to whip egg whites for our waffles!  We also purchased all the attachments. We make smoothies in the blender all summer long.  We use the grater to grate blocks of cheese and to shred meat for tamales.  I think the price was great for the mixer and all the attachments.  When I purchased the Bosch compact I had a choice of getting the Bosch Universal with no attachments or the complete compact set.  I've been very thankful that I chose the Bosch Compact.   

Victoria, TX


Bosch compact mixer


I have been using my Bosch compact mixer for almost a year now. I purchased it mainly to make homemade bread, rolls, and pizza dough. I have been very pleased with the bosch mixer's ability to kneed dough. My dough always comes out smooth and perfect. The kneading hook is very efficient. I have used my mixer a few times to make things like cake, cookies and muffins but I have found it is too much of a hassle. I really prefer to use my hand held electric mixer for smaller, quicker jobs. My main complaint about this mixer is that it is hard to add ingredients. The lid has a hole in it for adding ingredients but I can never get things into the hole with out spilling over the side. If I take the lid off (which you aren't supposed to do) I find that I still have a hard time adding ingredients. I ended up buyiing a funnel and that has helped. One of my favorite things to use my bosch mixer for is whipping cream. Nothing beats fresh whipped cream!    

Chapel Hill, NC


Compact and easy to use


I purchased my Bosch mixer two years ago, just the mixer, no attachments. I bought it because it was a Bosch and I knew the motor would be a good one. I also appreciated it's small size and light weight. The mixer comes with one bowl, a shield, and three mixing attachments- a cookie dough mixer, a whip, and a bread hook.  The best thing about this mixer is by far it's compact size. I can leave it out and it does not overwhelm my counter top. Whether we're mixing up a quick batch of cookies or preparing a few loaves of bread, this mixer can do it all. The large bowl accommodates three loaves worth of bread dough, or a double batch of cookies. The bowl and attachments are easy to clean by hand, but are also dishwasher safe. The mixer is so easy to use that even my five year old can run it! This mixer does move across the counter if it's mixing a heavier dough on a faster setting. Don't leave it unattended. Because this mixer isn't as widely used, finding attachments or replacements pieces does take some work.  Overall, this is a great mixer that will last for many years.

Lincoln, NE


Bosch Compact Mixer with Food Proccesor and Blender

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