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Bosch Built-in Dishwasher

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Bosch dishwasher is quiet,everything clean, lots of options


I love love love this dishwasher.  It cleans everything perfectly.  Is large enough to fit lots of dishes and glasses.  It has so many options and if I don't have a full load it will do a half wash.  It is quiet, easy to run, set up beautifully.  This is my third dishwasher and I am thrilled with it.

Lincoln, DE


Bosch washer washes well


**We have had several dishwashers, our previous being a Maytag, and by far this Bosch is the superior.  This dishwasher is so quiet you have to check to make sure that it is running.  Five stars from my husband and I**

Clarkston, MI


Bosch SHE4AM15SS Stainless Steel Dishwasher's worth every penny!


It's nice to have something stylish to display in the kitchen, especially when it serves another purpose. This dishwasher  makes my dirtiest dishes look as if they are brand-new!! This product is easy to use and makes clean-up almost effortless. It's just as important for me to keep the inside of my dishwasher as clean as it makes the dishes, this has never been easier! My unit stays clean and it's so much quiter than others that I've had in the past! I am willing to pay more for better quality products, that's true, but I don't think that I could've made a better choice than with this dishwasher. It was a little more out the cost range that I had set for myself, but it's been worth every penny. I know that I can trust this brand, and this dishwasher is going to give me years of practically effortless dish washing. Having this unit makes my day go by so much easier, and helps me keep the kitchen clean. With a dog and a toddler, I'm constantly on the go, and it's nice to know that I can have so much confidence in something that's used everyday. My water bill is lower, b/c I'm not constantly filling up the sink, draining the sink, then using the water to rinse, repeatedly, throughout the day so my dishes don't pile. The best satisfaction of all comes from knowing that the dishes my baby eats off of are so clean I don't have to worry about the germs or left-over food residue! ***** A +

Piedmont, OK


Bosch is better


The Bosch cleans dishes so well and the stainless steel inside stays clean : it does not pick up stains.  I can load it up and everything comes clean!  I love my Bosch dishwasher.  It replaced an American made dishwasher that came with the house.  That one had awful rust stains in it  could not be loaded up.  It always had a dish or two that didn't seem to get cleaned; when I bought the Bosch, I was so pleased with the performance that I tell everyone to get one. Worth the extra cost, efficient and quiet.

Verona, NJ


Bosch Built-in Dishwasher

5.0 4