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Bosch Built-in Dishwasher

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I do not think the GE dishwasher does a very good job.


I have had this dishwasher for a little over a year and the service guy has been here 3 times. This dishwasher does not do a very good job of cleaning. We have to basically prewash our dishes and we are not supposed to have to do this.  It has an automatic dispenser for the dishwashing liquid which is convenient. It does not do a very good job on the top rack or bottom rack. You can not load it to full capacity or nothing gets clean. This is very frustrating because we have an infant. We have lots and lots of bottles and sippy cups. We have to rewash about one third of all of the dishes we put in the dishwasher. Things do not fit very good in the bottom rack even though it does have a rack that lays down. The silverware hardly ever gets clean unless you prewash. I am not sure why I even need it if I have to prewash everthing.  I wish I would have made a different choice. It does look good.

Tulsa, OK


quiet as a mouse


I live in a small condo with a very ope floor plan so noise is an issue especially a dishwasher.  This one replaced the builder special that came with the unit.  The old one was so loud I could not use the phone.  This new dishwasher is so quiet the only way I can tell it is running is to put my hand on the door to deel the vibrations.  It is so quiet most times I cannot even hear it with my ear near the unit.  So boy does this clean.  I do not even rinse my dishes and the come out sparkling.  I did have one issue that I had GE repair come in twice to address.  Fortunately I bought the extended warranty so the repairs were free.  I do strongly suggest extended warranty for dishwashers as I always have problems with mine.  Anyhow the problem was with the touch pad on top of the door.  Condensation would infiltrate the strip and cause the entire pad to stop working and get stuck on the last cycle.  It was a 5 minute repair and they just replaced the pad.

Chicago, IL


Bosch Built-in Dishwasher is wonderful!


We as a family build a new custom home 7 years ago and of course we got to pick all the appiliances. I picked a Whirlpool dishwasher because we had had one before and with good succes. Well this time it was not so. On December 23rd after just 2 years of having it, it broke down and we had to get a new dishwasher. I was not happy at all and of course we could not get it before Christmas unless we took it home with use and installed it our self. So we looked at all different one and then got the Bosch SHU66C02 / SHU66C06 Built-in Dishwasher and it was the best thing we did for our kitchen. It is so quiet that you almost think it is not doing it job, meaning doing the dishes!! It cleans the dishes very good and over all is a great dishwasher. I would for sure buy a Bosch dishwasher again. It is so worth it!

North Salt Lake, UT


Bosch makes a great dishwasher!


We purchased the Bosch dishwasher to replace a GE dishwasher that had died.  The GE dishwasher was a low end piece of junk that the builders put into our house, so the Bosch did not have to live up to much.  Several members or our family own a Bosch, and the sales person at the store also recommended this brand.  We have been very happy with it.  It cleans everything really well, and we don't have to completely rinse our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  The dishwasher is very quiet.  The kitchen is next to our bedroom, and I have no issues with running it at night.  I can't even hear it.  I also like that it does not have a heating element, so I can fit things into it easier than I could with my previous dishwasher.  You can also put plastic on either rack.  If you want things to dry, you must use rinse aid, and even then, not everything dries completely (usually just the plastic items).  If you open the dishwasher right after it runs, things dry more quickly.  I love the top rack only feature.  Sometimes, we can't fill up the dishwasher, and it is nice to run a small load without wasting so much water.  I highly recommend this dishwasher.

Montgomery, TX


Bosch Built-in Dishwasher

3.8 4