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Bosch Axxis Series Electric Dryer

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Takes forever


We purchased all new appliances when we did a total home renovation (we moved out for 9 months).  The Bosch Axxis dryer was recommended by the designer that worked with us on our remodel. The Bosch Axxis dryer is a disappointment.  Most of my concerns are because of the length of time it takes to dry a load of clothes.  While i realize that high-efficiency washers and dryers take more time, this dryer seems to take forever to complete the drying process.  Had we known this, we never would have elected to purchase this item. We also had to have appliance service calls three times.  The dryer quit working and the repair person would get it to work but it would keep quiting on us.  Finally they took it to the repair shop and determined that there was some lint stuck in the back of the unit that they had not detected.  They recommended we use fewer dryer sheets and we have not had any further issues.  The problem was the length of time it took to determine the issue.

Indian Wells, CA


Alright, Takes Too Long


I can say this unlike other Bosch dryers at least this one you can choose to have it beep when it is done. It works best on timed dryer ratehr than choosing a dry level, since it won't completely dry clothes without at least 100 minutes of drying time, and sometimes that isn't enough. I usually try to do loads right after another so at least later loads have a pre-warmed dryer, if I don't do that it takes forever. The corresponding washer washes in about 35 minutes, so I can wash two almost three loads to about every one dryer load, which is the most annoying part. I gave it three stars though because my electricity bill is still not through the roof even with the extra drying time. So it truly is HE. I also like the ability to clean the entire vent. It also has a folding table pull out which is a great feature, very convienent. All in all I would recommend it to someone who does not mind longer drying times, and ONLY for people with SMALL laundry loads.

Kansas City, MO


Bosch Axxis Series Electric Dryer

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