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Bosch Axxis 4.0 cu. ft. Condensation Electric Dryer - White


The Bosch Axxis WTB86201UC condensation electric dryer has a stackable design that's perfect for small laundry rooms and apartment installations. It condenses the moisture in the hot air to water and releases it through the water drain. No ducting and no blower is necessary to help expel hot air. This makes installation easy, fast and very cost effective. Intelligent sensors detect moisture levels inside the drum, prevent overdrying and help save energy. The WrinkleBlock option continues tumbling finished loads for up to 2 hours to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.

The white Bosch Axxis WTB86201 electric dryer features 15 cycles and 4 temperature settings to provide optimal fabric care. A delicates cycle is ideal for sensitive fabrics, while the Heavy Duty cycle handles tough fabrics with ease.

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The most beautiful and hard working dryer yet.


My hubby recently remodeled our laundry room and bought me new appliances because he is the most amazing hubby ever. I had been seeing the bosch brand around here and there, we spend a ridiculous amount of time at lowes and tend to see a ton of new stuff. I saw this dryer and fell in instant like with it. Unknown brand and all, I had to have it. I have not been disappointed yet. Load Capacity My 16 year old son is responsible for his own laundry and he is pretty lazy about it. No matter how many times I talk to him, he still waits until he has about 4 loads worth of clothes on his bedroom floor and no clean socks or underwear before he will do a load of laundry. He will cram every single bit of clothing from his floor into the washer and then to the dryer. I have never had a dryer that could handle his clothes until this one. Performance Our old dryer would have to be ran several times to fully dry a load of clothes, and I mean regular loads too, not just my son's giant super loads. This super awesome dryer works the very first cycle! It even does pretty good on my kids super size loads too. Ease of Use I am not the most technologically able person in the world. I figured out my iphone in about a week, but other than that, I need my hubby or my kids to show me how to work something a few times before I get the hang of it. This looks super modern and high tech, but it is really easy and self explanatory to work. I had no trouble learning how to use it and if I can then I know that you can. Durability I have a hubby who does construction and three kids. I do a LOT of laundry. I have not had this dryer a whole long time yet but so far so good, it seems to be standing up to the high amount of use it gets really well. Design It's beautiful! I had to have it the moment that I saw it, so great job design team.




Bosch Axxis 4.0 cu. ft. Condensation Electric Dryer - White

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