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Bosch Ascenta Full Console Dishwasher


Bosch SHE3AR52UC Full Console Dishwasher with 14-Place Settings, 4 Wash Cycles, 2 Options, Sanitize Option, Delay Start, Standard Racks and 50 dBA: White

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Very good quality dishwasher for the money. Would recommend.


I have been very satisfied with this dishwasher. I always set it at 1/2 cycle even though the washer if totally full. They ALWAYS come out perfectly clean. Could be a bit quieter but it is still quieter than a different brand I used to have! Very happy and would recommend. The price was on sale too so it was a good deal. So far, I have had no problems with it and I have had it a couple years. Noise Level Quiet but wish it was even quieter. I have to say it is definitely quieter than a competitors model which I had prior to the Bosch. Cleaning Time Since I only put it on half load - even when full it is just the right time to clean and they always come out clean even with a full load. On occasion I will put it on for a full load when I have exceptionally dirty dishes such as a holiday. For only two people the half load seems like plenty of time to wash our dishes. Loading Flexibility Easy to load. Very simple design - I have seen other Bosch designs that have three trays which is real nice. I would get that design years down the road when my current washer kicks the bucket. Who knows, maybe it will outlive me. Performance Dishes always come out clean and have no streaks. It performs better than past dishwashers I have owned. Design Design is simple with bottom rack and top rack. Would like it if it had a top rack that you can lay down knives/long utensils which I have seen on more upgraded models. I like the silver interior even though the outside is white. Durability After 2 years still working well; no problems. I hope to own it for many more years.

Woodinville, WA


Words cannot explain how much I love this dishwasher!


This is the first dishwasher I have ever owned as an adult. I remember as a child getting a dish washer but in order for it to work well you had to wash the dishes. I never did understand having to wash the dishes before putting them in a machine designed to wash the dishes. As a result, I avoided buying a dishwasher for many years. I received the Bosch Ascenta Full Console Dishwasher as a gift and was absolutely astounded at how well it worked. Noise Level This is a very quiet machine. Cleaning Time I was surprised at how quickly it cleans the dishes. Loading Flexibility You can put a lot of dishes in this appliance. Performance Although I was skeptical when I tried this machine, I was absolutely delighted with the results! Even when I do not rinse off my dishes before placing them in the dishwasher they still come out sparkling clean. Design This dishwasher matches the rest of my kitchen making it blend in nicely with the rest of my kitchen décor. Durability So far it has held up well.



Bosch Ascenta Full Console Dishwasher

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