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Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop

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Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop


Recently updated out old electric cooktop to the Bosch 800 Series. This is one modern elegant electrical cooktop and with the touch features as opposed to the knots you have a professional looking kitchen. As many family contemplate remodeling their kitchens, I highly recommend you consider the Bosch 800 Series. The Bosch 800 Series is a state of the art kitchen appliance that is designed very well and they have improve the start-up speed for achieving the right heating temperature. The Bosch 800 Series also alerts you where the glass top is still hot and the touch features is something you will have to master when cooking. One note, the fancy features of this electric cooktop requires you read the instructional manual to understand all the features they have incorporated. Definitely not for the beginner cooker or novice person in the kitchen. Temperature Control I rate the temperature control much better than the knobs. Bosch state of the art touch features puts this cooktop on the upscale neighborhood of electrical cooktops. Heat Distribution Excellent heat distribution on this model from Bosch. They have incorporated special features for heat Durability Durability good to date. Design The elegant sleek design from Bosch is superb in the kitchen. It gives the kitchen a clean polish look and the appearance of the glass cooktop is state of the art. Ease of Cleaning No problems with cleaning yet.

Newburgh, NY


Bosch 5 burner Glass Cooktop - 36 inch


We purchased this cook top after much research.  We wanted a smooth top glass cooktop - black.  I had heard from my dad (who services these) that Bosch is a good brand.  I like the sleek look and the touch panel for the controls.  I did NOT WANT knobs - dirt gets in knobs, etc.  I am pleased with the touch panel.  The cooktop I have has a nice feature in order to speed boil water or heat up a pan quickly.  The touch panel, can be a little tricky to figure out, I blame that on it's European design.  We have the option, on our cooktop, to bridge the two lefthand burners which works great for a griddle.  The cooktop is easy to clean, however, it does scratch if you aren't careful.  We were using a cast iron griddle on the bridged burners and moved it and it scratched the surface.  I realize it won't look perfect forever, but it was less than a year old so I was pretty disappointed.  Overall, it is a great-looking piece and the touch panel looks great!

Center Valley, PA


Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop

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