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Bosch 24" Ascenta Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel


Bosch Ascenta dishwasher SHX4AT55UC offers outstanding Bosch quietness at 49 decibels, efficiency and a rich feature set as a superior alternative to all-plastic tub dishwashers. Bosch's exclusive hybrid stainless-steel wash tub with a polypropylene base makes this dishwasher an easy choice when you're deciding on features, quietness and value.

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Worst dishwasher I have ever used


This is the worst dishwasher I have ever used. I have never had so much trouble with any appliance ever in my entire life. It required repair within the first year and twice since then. They say to clean the filter weekly, but if not done daily it becomes completely clogged, and that is even when the dishes have been pre-washed before being loaded! When they're not pre-washed, the result is even worse. The filter not only clogs, but the dishes are left with greasy or powdery residue wherever food was left on the plates before loading. It has a long "dry" cycle, but it doesn't DO anything during that time. It doesn't circulate air or use heat or anything, just sits there for 30 minutes before finally going to the "clean" setting. They might just as well have skipped the supposed "dry" cycle so you can open the dishwasher sooner to allow them to air dry instead of sitting in there cooling off with tons of water on them which then takes longer to dry when you open it. I have paid more in repairs than I did for the original dishwasher. Customer service is worthless. I will never buy anything made by Bosch again.




Cleans great but.....


The Bosch Ascentia dishwashr cleans great! There is no need to rinse your dishes, utensils or flatware bedore loading them into your Bosch dishwasher Noise Level The Bosch Ascentia dishwasher is very quiet. Too quiet as sometimes Im not sure ive turned it on and I have to open it to check! Cleaning Time The default setting is "automatic" it is supposed to asjust to theneeds of the dishes inside. This cycle takes about 2 hours! Totally rediculous. I didnt realise this for about a year as I would turn it on before I went to sleep. How much water and electricity I wasted. Now I have to change the setting each time to normal. This setting takes about an hour and cleans just as well as the automatic setting. Loading Flexibility The Bosch Ascentia Dishwasher loading trays are very poorly designed the tines are not far enough apart to load bowls effectively. The upper rack has three wide rows of tines that fit cups and mugs and two rows of tines that dont fit anything! Performance The Bisch Ascentia cleans very well and very quietly. Design The default setting of automatic is not good. It takes teice as ling. i have to change the setting to notmal everytime I start it. Also the end of cycle bell is obnoxiios. It rings periodically for 20 minutes forcing you to get up or out of bed to turn it off! Also, thr indide botuom of the door grows a horrible mold even though I live in the desert and run the dishwasher every day Durability Ive had it for 3 years with no trouble.




Bosch 24" Ascenta Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

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