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Borghese Esfoliante Delicato Gentle Cleanser and Exfoliant

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Luxurious Cleanser Gives Me Super Soft Skin


I lucked out and got a free full-size sample of this exfoliating cleanser when I made a purchase at Beauty.com. I've had plenty of time to try it out and I have to say it's a quality product. This Borghese cleanser exfoliates without abrasion and cleanses without stripping skin or causing irritation. I really think this is suitable for all but sensitive skin types. Effectiveness I've been using this cleanser every morning and it leaves my skin looking and feeling clean and fresh. The exfoliating jojoba beads gently remove dull, dead skin to bring out a glowing complexion. My skin is oily, so I wasn't sure if this would clean thoroughly enough or if it would leave behind a greasy residue. It turned out that I shouldn't have worried. After use, my skin feels clean, soft, and completely balanced. I haven't had any clogged pores or breakouts since I've been using, so I feel comfortable that my oily skin is not getting over-moisturized. Ease of Application The texture of the cleanser is soft and the jojoba beads are gentle as you wash your face with a circular motion. I do wish that the lather were a little more substantial. Unfortunately, it's tricky to get a good lather going sometimes. But then, that's my pet peeve with a lot of foaming cleansers on the market. Scent Although this is a fragrance-free cleanser, quite honestly, it smells a little like plastic to me. I guess they didn't add any fragrance to mask the natural scent. Luckily, the scent doesn't linger long enough to bother me.

Chicagoland, IL


Borghese Esfoliante Delicato Gentle Cleanser and Exfoliant

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