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Borba Age Defying Concentrate

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Works well but...


The Borba Age Defying Concentrate does a good job at making my skin look a little brighter, and evened out, but there was one annoying drawback. This concentrate was really sticky, so I kept decreasing the amount I use using until I was using less than half the size of a pea and it was still making my skin feel sticky and rather unpleasant. Besides that, I really liked this concentrate, but I just couldn't get over how tight it made my skin. There were no side effects while using this concentrate, and it didn't clog my pores at all. But I didn't see a decrease in acne either. It didn't absorb too well into my skin either which is a pretty big drawback, but if you put it on as soon as you wash your face in the shower, it does a slightly better job. The price is sort of high for this concentrate, admitting it doesn't absorb that well and feels more like a mask. It is worth a try though, and I did notice that my skin did feel a bit smoother over time.



Borba Age Defying Concentrate makes my skin feel velety and redu


I use Borba Age Defying Concentrate every day and find that it makes my skin feel soft and velvety and reduces the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes.  I am 61 years old and have been on steriods because I have Sarcodosis and it has affected my kidneys and the calcium in my blood.  It has also affected my skin, espcially on my face.  I have had both wrinkles and then skin which was pulled so tight over my face that it actually hurt when I was first put on the high doses of the steriod.  I felt I looked very heavy and not at all like myself and worse my skin hurt.  I have always had a nice complextion and even as a teenager did not suffer with skin problems.  So I needed something that would make my skin feel soft again and make it feel less tight.  This Borba product does just that.  I look forward each morning after washing my face to putting it on.  It is so concentrated that you only need a small amount daily.  It is well worth the price. 

Mill Hall, PA


Borba Age Defying Concentrate

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