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Boppy Bounce In Comfort Bouncer

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Average bouncy seat


I am a mommy to two beautiful children- a two year old little girl and a two month old little boy. We registered for this Boppy bouncy seat prior to the birth of my daughter.  The main reason we chose this one, was because we wanted a gender inspecific seat, so that we could use it for future children.  We also thought that the Boppy brand was a quality brand that we could trust.  Overall we have been pleased with the seat.  The music it plays is very soothing and relaxing and not annoying to listen to over and over again.  It is very light weight and easy to move from room to room.  It is also easy to clean.  The downsides to the seat are that it doesn't seem to work well for tiny infants- they just don't fit in it correctly- they are either slouched down too far, or up to high so that their head flops.  The other really annoying thing is that the attached mobile is way to high so that the child would have to strain their neck to even see it.  overall, it has worked fine, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it with flying colors!

Bryan, OH


Does what I exected


This bouncer did what I expected, but at the same time there is nothing great about it. This boppy bouncer has a vibrate feature, and music at two different volumes. The options on this bouncer are basically the same as any other on the market. I think it seems a little larger and appears to be a little more comfortable. I don't know that it actually is though. But this is probably the reason why it was a little more expensive than some of the others. It also has a toy bar over the top that seemed to come off a little too easily. And the two toys that hung off it did not do much. We had the boppy travel swing as well, and it had identical toys on it. I wish that two had different things so that we could have mixed to two and keep it a little more entertaining. One great thing was this seemed to be great with battery usage. We used this bouncer almost daily (with the music and vibrate features) for several months and only replaced the batteries one time.

Milan, IL


my son's favorite place to nap during his first weeks of life


my son loved to nap in the boppy bounce in comfort bouncer. i would lay him in it and put it on top of our couch where he got some sunlight (he was borderline jaundice). he liked looking at the two dangling toys on the canopy above him and listening to the calming music as the vibrations from the bouncer gently soothed him. i like the vibration feature because sometimes it would make the air bubbles in his belly come out. im not sure if it was a coincidence or what but he would burp almst instantly after being placed in it. it has a potential hazard, the canopy is lines with heavy metal and it comes off very easy. the baby can easily knock it off and it would come down right on his/her face. i would normally remove it because i rather avoid. it has a high and ow setting for the volume and an on and off for the vibration. my son is nearly 3 months and wont stay in it passed 3-5 minutes. it bores him. it is a very simple bouncer and in my opinion not worth the money when it can harm your child.

Orlando, FL


Boppy Bounce In Comfort Bouncer

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