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Boppy 5 in 1 Fun Activity Gym

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FUN and cute


I love this It is great I cant get enougho f this I Love *it and saved alot of money on it *It is great and will always love it  my sister in law also has the exact same one. I cant get enough of it and no one love this more than i do I love it half to deathit is a greta product i safe and INEXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Cuba, MO


Very versatile - love it!


I got my Boppy when my son was only a few months old and have loved it! The links and toys are interchangeable, and so can be configured many ways. The pillow was perfect for helping him with Tummy Time and even helped him learn to sit up straight. Now that he is walking, I detatched the gym from the pillow, and he still plays with the toys. The pillow is still one of his favorite things. He sleeps on it, uses it for a seat, plays on it, and even uses it for a step stool.

Myrtle Beach, SC


colorful and fun


The boppy 5 in 1 activity gym is wonderful for any child and home. There are numerous qualities that make it perfect, and only one thing I don't like. First the cons - the product is hard to keep clean and hard to wash. Babies spit up so often, and the loops that go over the children and hold the entertaining toys get dirty too. Unless I want to hose down the whole thing, I feel like it usually has germs on it. For the pros, the product is coloring, which has been proven to encourage learning and brain use. It has fun toys attached, and babies are no longer lying flat on the floor. The boppy helps them to be propped up to play. Therefore, this toy is perfect for little children and for moms who don't want their children to roll away or get away from them. It will help keep babies from getting near places they shouldn't be. On the other hand, I wanted my children to be able to roll around, move, and explore more. I felt their movement was limited.

Hamilton, OH


Your better off with a regular Boppy and some rattles.


I registered for this product with dreams of sparking my child's curiosity and entertaining him at the same time.  The package promised a toy that would make him smile and it was a Boppy!  All of the parenting magazines said that I needed a Boppy.  I figured I could detach the toys when I needed to use it for nursing.  None of these things came true. When we took it out of the package, we had to assemble the toy.  It looked simple enough.  It was two bendy poles that attached to the Boppy with Link-a-Doos and then the three toys attached to the Boppy with more Link-a-Doos.  However, the bendy poles didn't want to bend and the Link-a-Doos barely fit on the tags they were supposed to slide on to.  After some wrestling with a Boppy, I was ready to see that sweet smile on my son's face as his curiosity sparked and he grasped for his golden ring... or purple elephant rattle. This didn't happen.  Not only did he keep sliding down off of the Boppy, putting his neck in awkward angles, he couldn't have grabbed for his toys if he wanted to. His arms weren't long enough yet.  All it managed to do was severely frustrate him and cause a loud wail to errupt from his tiny, scrunched up face.  He didn't look the baby on the package.  In fact, my husband swears he looked like Don Knotts. We ended up detaching the Boppy and putting the rest of the parts in a box (we couldn't get the bendy poles to bend enough to go back into the travel pouch).  The Boppy was used as a nursing pillow and as a support for tummy time, so I probably got the money out of it, but I'm still not impressed.  Save yourself some money and just buy a Boppy and some rattles. 

Haskins, OH


Boppy 5 in 1 Fun Activity Gym

4.0 4