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Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Day Cream

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one of the best!


I started off by buying the boots #7 firming foundation and I was hooked. So I decided to try this and see what would happen. Im so glad I did! This stuff was like a miracle cream. I literally saw results within a day, and I even put it on my stomach to help with stretch marks. great stuff, and well worth the money!



Great anti-aging product


Feel that this product delivers all that is promises Absorption Goes right into your skin Doesn't Clog Pores No problem clogging pores Effectiveness People are shocked when I tell them my age. They usually guess me about 10 years younger than I really am.

Washington Crossing, PA


Boots No.7 is the best!


My Mother is from England and used to work at the Boots Factory in Nottingham, England. When she would return home she would always buy enough Boots to last a long time. Even when relatives came over she would ask them to bring her Boots No. 7 makeup. Now my Mother lives in Colorado where the air is very dry. I just started using the Boots No.7 Lifing and Firming Day cream and have already notice a difference in my skin. It is smoother and is no longer dry. It's importand out here to keep your skin well moisturized. It is dry but the sun is usually shining daily, which is why I like the 15 spf in the firming day cream. Also, a little goes a long way! If you buy this is should last a very long time and it isn't outrageously priced, which is an added bonus! I highly recommend this Boots product along with the night cream and the intense rejuvenation cream.

Peyton, CO


Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming Day Cream

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