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Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile - i425 Cell Phone

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Evry the best


The best mobile



durable and easy to use and cheap


i dropped it in a full cup of coffee by accident. It was in there a good 5 seconds and when i took phone out and back off of phone, it wasnt wet inside or anything. i was really surprised. so thats important to have for a phone. most phones are instantly ruined when get wet like that

Panama City, FL


This is the best cell phone service I have found


I love boost mobile It is one cost for unlimited everything and it is a lot cheaper than the other services that are unlimited, If you are tired of being caught up under a contract and are getting less and less as you go then this is the service for you. With unlimited calling, web service, and texting and the works and at one cost this is the service that will get you in comfort. I have never had a dropped call.

Peoria, IL


i just love the boost motorla phone.


 i use this phone on a day to day bases i never have any problems with the service an i nver drop a call i have call waitin witch is great for me .  the picther is great an clear an the sound is great i have walkie talkie witch i love because my family has them to an the cost is great for us we use the push to talk to talk to each other because we all have places we have to go an so the push to talk is so much easyer to use my family dosent want to change phones because we love it so much.  i have some friends that have the same phone that i do an they love it .my grandma is even thinkin of getting onr for her self an i told her that it was a great phone an that we could talk to each other on the walkie talkie . an that would be more easy for her to talk me so she would not have any hassile tryin to call me .an any thing tahts makes it easyer for her is great for me . so for christmas i plan to buy one for her as a surprise...... so thank you for your time an i hope this helps you whith what you needed .. have a great day....

Lakeland, FL




This phone (motorola i425) is terrible! I brought this phone back in April of this year to replace my Metro PCS service due to its nationwide coverage capability, and I have had nothing but problems since day one. It drops all my calls everywhere at work,home,in the car,wherever and the internet is impossible to use. The phone is cheap so I guess you get what you pay for right?! I will be purchasing the motorola i465 clutch phone in black so, hopefully,that phone will be much better, but if not sad to say I will be returning to my previous carrier shortly after.

Hollywood, FL


Boost Mobile - i425 Cell Phone

4.0 5