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Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile - Cell Phone

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Best Mother's Day present ever


I was one of those people who said they would never use a cell phone, but the i450 sure changed my tune!  I love the ease of use.  The menu screen is set up similiar to using a desktop computer so navigation was easy to get used to.  The ability to scroll through recent calls at the touch of a button and call waiting are nice.  I love being able to set different phone settings to different situations.  For example I have an "At Work" setting that I can switch my phone to that puts everything on Viberate with the touch of a single button.  But, I have other settings that put some things on viberate and some to ring through.  The walkie talkie feature is wonderful and simply do not know how I survived without it.  There are still areas though that do not have good service and there are times I find myself very frustrated with the walkie part going in and out. I love having access to my account online and a list of all the calls for the past 45 days that I've made at the click of a mouse.  I can easily see minutes used and left as well as phone numbers, time of call and duration of calls.  This is a big plus instead of having to wait all month to get a bill in the mail.  Plus with pay as you go, you have total control over how much you spend-never a surprise.

Micro, NC


Boost Mobile - Cell Phone

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