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Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

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I love this litter box


I love this cat litter box it keeps the litter in, (My cats always made a mess in the floor with litter boxes without lids), it keeps the odor down a bit .



Quality has diminished


I have purchased 7 over these over the years. Not only has the price gone up and up but the quality has gone down. I just bought a second one not more than a month ago, and it is garbage. Sorry I did not hold on to the older ones I had. They held up over owning 6 adults cats.




Great way to keep everyone happy!


This is a great litter box for both the owner and the cat. The steps into the litter box and the deep bowl to it keep litter from tracking all over the house. The box is still very large for the cat so he is able to do all his business without feeling cramped. The optional carbon filter helps to keep the box from stinking up the whole house which is a bonus for any cat owner! There are a few downsides to this box. The "bowl" to the box is deep and large, it tends to take quite a bit of litter to fill in comparison to regular rectangle boxes. Also when dumping the whole box, there is always going to be some litter caught in the steps so it can be a little messy to dump.


Virginia Beach, VA


Neat look - roomy interior...


The box looks neat, but it is kind of a pain to keep clean. The cats were terrified of it in the beginning, but acclimated quickly. The biggest drawback was really that it was impossible to find a bag that was big enough (and strong enough) to handle the box, the litter, and all the cats that use it.


Houston, TX


Could be better


This was a great idea, really was, but it has many flaws.1. Too big, takes up a lot of space and is hard to hide.2. Hard to clean, there are so many grooves and ridges that its difficult to get clean.3. There Should be a wall that scales the ramp to the top. My cat just jumps over to keep from having to use the ramp completely and still gets litter everywhere.4. Hard to scoop, its rounded walls make it difficult to get to all the litter.5. Shape has a lot of spaces beneath the box, I have to move the box entirely to vacuum all the litter that is kicked underneath. Catfood and toys end up under the box and its rather annoying.


Rio Rancho, NM


Its a much needed change up of the traditionnal litter box


I like this litter box a lot. It really does cut down on the amount of litter my cat gets on the floor, though depending on her mood she can still manage to make a mess. The litter box also practically eliminates the cat pee smell. So much that sometimes I forget to clean the box on time. I take it to the car wash occasionally to spray it with the high powered water hose, as pee manages to get in the grooves where the top and bottom connect.


Temple, TX


Three legged kities love the ramp!


So we have 2 three legged cats. One kitten and one much older who came to us through rescue groups. the older LOVES his regular domed litter box and spends what we think to be a little TOO much time in it. The Kitten was having troubles using his box becuase of the step and an uncovered square box just was too messy. This was the solution. It makes it easier for him to get in, it catches the mess, and the other cat won't bug him when he is doing his thing. I was very skeptical at first but it took no time at all, he used it the first time and hasn't has any challenges or accidents since then. It sits in a corner of the room and is just a great relief for him to get in the box when he needs to.


San Jose, CA


A Great Cat Litter Box, the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box!


Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box - is a great cat litter box for many reasons.   The number one reason I like this cat litter box is because it helps minimize the cat litter my cat tracks from the cat litter box back into the room.  I personally despise cat litter any where besides he cat litter box, it is also a pain to clean up.  The steps and round about way th cat exits the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box helps to minimize the litter my cat tracks back into the room. More good reasons to buy this litter box are its size, it is a covered, a built in handle, there are liners for this litter box, it has a filter, and has a pleasing design.  My cat is a large cat and appreciates a large box, it is 50 bigger than most cat litter boxes on the market. My cat is a picky cat, she does not like to use covered litter boxes, but those are the only ones I buy for again it helps to minimize the litter trackage into the room, it helps to minimize the odor and provides privacy. I like the handle on the cover for it helps to easily remove the cover.  While I am not a neat freak, I enjoy a cleanly home and as such these litter box liners make it easier to clean the Booda Dome Clean Step Littler Box.  I personally love my cat but not the odors that come from owning a cat, the filter in the lid helps to minimize the odors.  I also lie the design of the litter box, and all of the colors that it comes in. I have the silver one, but it does come in pin, tan, purple and some other colors. I hope you find this review helpful, have fun shopping! ;)


East Norwich, NY


Great product with minor issues


Shortly after my wife and I adopted two little kittens we went looking for a long term litter box solution. We had a standard litter pan and were very unsatisfied with it. At the pet shop we saw many different types of litter boxes. Anything from standard hooded models to automatic cleaning ones! WOW! In the end we chose the Booda Dome Clean Step model. The reasons were pretty good too. 1. The hooded dome with a charcoal filter to help keep the air clean! This dome works like a charm and the filters can be purchased at any pet store. Plus the filters do not need to be Booda brand. 2. The stairs that help prevent litter leakage. While they are not perfect they work well enough. 3. Large enough for 2 cats! That was very important to us. It is a cool looking litter box and most everyone had no idea it was our litter box until we told them. This litter box combined with a good litter will make people wonder if you truly do have cats!


Spotsylvania, VA


My Kitty is enjoying her privacy in the Booda Dome


After recently adopting a cat, we realized that our dog loved to eat the little cat "treats" she leaves in her covered litter box. After much researching, I decided to try the Booda Dome because it would make it difficult for the dog to get her head in and around to the cat litter. When I first opened the Booda Dome, our cat liked it immediatlely! She even went inside before it was set up as her litter box. Our cat took to the Booda immediately, there was no missing her old litter box, she loves the privacy it provides. Our dog is no longer able to get to his cat treats, so the Booda has worked perfectly for this purpose. The Booda Dome states that it keeps litter off the floor with the stairs into the box, which it does "help" to keep some litter off the floor, however there is still a fair amount of litter on the floor, maybe my cat is a bit messier than others. It does seem that the Booda keeps the smell of the litter down a bit longer than traditional litter boxes. I love the look of the Booda, it is a bit more fancy than a traditional box. I have not had any problems with scooping out the litter box or latching the hood on top as other users have.


Texarkana, TX


Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

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