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Bonies Natural Dental Bones for Dogs, Regular

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Okay Product!


I saw the Bonies Natural Dental Bones for Dogs in my local pet store and decided to give them a shot because I noticed that they were made in the USA and they were a good price. The smell of these is slightly minty which I thought would be great to freshen my dogs breath, however I did not notice a huge difference like I do with the Greenies dental chews. So for freshening your dogs breath, I think there are better options out there. But my dog absolutely loved the taste of this. He is a smaller dog so he usually takes a while to go through a bigger treat like this, but he ate through this in less than 48 hours. I would purchase this again simply because my dog loved it, but if you are looking for a product to freshen your dog's breath, I would choose something else. Side Effects These did not do all that much for my dogs breath. I noticed a slight difference, however I think there are products that will do a better job out there.



Goes Fast With Big Dogs, But Great


I got these as a lightning deal and very happy to have tried them! My dogs like them a lot. The major chewer, a Husky, goes through it extremely fast as with all treats but the puppy (a Bichon) chews on it for a good long time before destroying it, so she may get more teeth cleaning benefits. I love that it naturally cleans their teeth, without frightening ingredients. I tend to alternate between these treats and the Greenies ones. These don't smell too strong, kind of minty which is surprising because our dogs usually don't like that. What is good also is that they don't leave a lot of residue on the carpet like other treats can when our large dog tears them up. Less clean up for me. Happy it says made in USA. Overall very happy, the price is decent and our dogs are happy. Will continue to purchase, and would recommend these to others. They'll last even longer if you have smaller dogs.



Bonies Natural Dental Bones for Dogs, Regular

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