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Bolthouse Farms
Bolthouse Farms Vitamin Rich 100% Carrot Juice

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Bolthouse makes the sweetest Carrot Juice


I can't get enough of this carrot juice.  Supposedly, you cannot digest too much beta carotene in one sitting, so I make this last for a couple of days... otherwise I could drink this in one sitting!  I used to suffer from severe eczema (the "weeping" form, not the dry), mostly on my hands, and I originally began drinking this because I read that carrot juice is good for your skin.  I have no legitimate proof of this, but I truly believe that this juice cured my eczema.  It seems to immediately take away that internal itchy feeling (anybody with eczema will know what I'm talking about).  My skin now looks great!  I would recommend this to anyone just on taste and health benefits alone, but if you have eczema you may just want to give this a try and see if it helps you too.

Oklahoma City, OK


Bolthouse Farms Vitamin Rich 100% Carrot Juice

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