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Salad Dressing
Bolthouse Farms
Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressing-Chunky Blue Cheese

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just awful


I love Bolthouse Farm products; they're consistently excellent, even though some are not to my taste. This dressing, however, is a total bomb. I tried it, threw out the salad, and threw out the bottle, after maybe two bites. I love blue cheese, yogurt, and yogurt dressings. Sadly, this product is none of these. The texture seems to try to imitate a ranch-style dressing, but it doesn't get there. Unpleasant, anyway. As for taste, there was none. You might think that a blue cheese yogurt dressing would taste of either blue cheese, yogurt, or both. It tasted of neither, so it leaves this weird, deacidified base of yogurt. Anyway, I'm sure there are people out there who like it, I literally just tossed it.

Remulac, France




Sorry but this was just palin awful....enough so to make me write this review. First off I am a big fan of Bolthouse products which is the reason I chose this dressing over another well known brand, this was the first time I purchased bought Bolthouse salad dressing and most likely the last.....I thought at first maybe it's just me but when all my dinner guests obviously felt the same way....well let's just say this was was not a pleasant experience...especially since salad was my main dinner entree and after spending a lot of money on other products, lettuce, fresh chicken, tomatoes, avacadoes, etc., etc., and then topping it off with this salad dressing. When my dinner guests (5) and l sat down to eat it was obvious we all thought the same thing.....I had to take all my guests to a restaurant for dinner. YEEUCK!

Walnut Grove, CA


Bleu Cheese, low carb, low fat, no bull!


How should I put this?  I know.  I am a fool for Bleu Cheese and Bleu Cheese Dressings. Not only do I put it on my salads, but while cooking things like broccoli or cauliflower, I'm likely to have a small bowl of dressing on the counter and while I'm trimming the heads, I grab a small piece, dip it in dressing and snack on it.  Go figure, some people like to snack on chips, I'm a broccoli and bleu cheese fan. For me, that usually means picking up either Maries's or T. Marzetti dressings.  But that also opens me up to my daughter's exclamation of "Dad, this is all fat!"  My retort of "Yeah, but I'm an Atkin's guy" usually falls on deaf ears. But being the stubborn, self-centered sort that I am I don't let it bother me much. A couple of weeks ago however, while shopping in Publix and after placing a jar of Marie's Extra Chunky in my basket I noticed a new dressing (at least new to me).  **Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressing-Chunky Blue Cheese** Interesting bottle, claiming to be both "naturally light" and "creamy" and "extra chunky".  Turning the bottle around, I noticed 6.5g of Fat (only 2.5g saturated) and only 2g of Carbohydrates.  Total calories per serving is 70. Comparing that to the leading brands (my brands), it was an improvement of 100 calories and 16.5g of fat! Now usually, when you go low-fat, carbohydrates soar.  I mean something has to make the stuff taste good, right?  Lower the fat and load up on the corn syrup (sugar).  But not here. Here you find essentially a yogurt based dressing, free of added sugars, preservatives and trans-fats.  In fact, you have to get at least halfway through the ingredients to find soybean oil listed. The texture is thick and creamy and you will find it chunky.  The taste, owing to it's yogurt base is on the tart side and I like that, not being a sweets eater.  Clearly though, it will appeal mostly to those that like (or don't mind) the taste of yogurt. **My Viewpoint** If you love Bleu Cheese dressing and want to cut down on both the fats and carbs without sacrificing taste and texture, this could be the dressing for you.  Visit their web-site, bolthouse.com to find out where you can buy it.  I recommend it highly.  Regards, Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressing-Chunky Blue Cheese

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