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Bokados - Bokaditas Corn Chips

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Bokaditas Mexican corn chips are a favorite snack on the run.


I used to like Fritos until I tried Bokaditas years ago. They taste so much better that I haven't bought a bag of Fritos since. They have a less intense corn flavor and are slightly saltier with a hint of lime, making for a very satisfying snack while out and about. The 4.24 oz. bag lasts awhile and stores in a coat pocket so there's no need to stop and look for a snack when you're hungry. For some reason my grocer stocks these on the chips aisle - aka the junk food aisle - instead of the Hispanic foods aisle so if you're looking for them they'll probably be in with the chips.  If you like Fritos you'll probably love these. I wish I liked them a little less but that's the way it goes. Maybe it has something to do with those sexy anime cowgirls on the bag. Not that they're real but then neither is junk food.

Houston, TX


Bokados - Bokaditas Corn Chips

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