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Boiron Camilia

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Boiron Camilia (Teething) provides fast relief!


As any mom knows teething can really make your baby miserable. It seems that nothing helps. That is until I tried **Boiron Camilia (Teething)**. This product really relieved the discomfort that my daughter was feeling during teething. It's easy to use and since it's all natural it's safe to use. I really couldn't believe how effective this product was. I would have been happy if it had provided even a little relief for my daughter. But most of the time it seemed to offer her complete relief! When I'd give it to my daughter it worked fast and she was soon a happy baby again. I don't know what I would have done without this product and I recommend it for any mom who has a baby who is teething. You'll be so happy you tried it!

Canton, OH


I love these camilia teething drops


When my 7 month old son started teething we searched everywhere for a medicine to relief his discomfort. I was originally looking to buy Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething drops as these worked great for my daughter. Unfortunately the stores didn't have the Gentle Naturals ones. I tried orajel, and humphreys teething pellets but found little relief with the orajel and the pellets weren't convenient for using with a fussy baby. I looked all over and found these. They are a little pricy but come in single dose vials so its perfect. I can put a few in the diaper bag and they are ready when baby starts fussing. Just open the vial and squirt into babies mouth. These drops worked wonders to calm my fussy baby who now has 6 teeth...4 of which he got within a 2 week period. The drops work wonders, and he doesn't seem to mind me giving them to him. I would recommend either using these drops or the slightly less espensive ones by gentle naturals if you can find them.

Phoenix, AZ


Boiron Camilia

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