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Boil Ease
Boil Ease Boil Ease pain releiving ointment

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No other product takes away the pain like Boil Ease.


For many long years my husband has suffered form boils, which are not pretty and cause him a lot of discomfort. As his wife, it also causes me a lot of discomfort, as I hate to see him suffer, and he does not tolerate pain well. He has always used Boil Ease, with almost immediate relief. Recently, we discovered that it was not available in our local area. Worse yet, he had a boil in a very inconvenient place, as it was on his lower back and sitting was very painful. After we both suffered for two very long days and nights, I purchased what was supposed to be a generic form of the Boil Ease. I thought this would solve the problem and give us relief for the pain and discomfort. I was actually very proud of this find, until he tried it with no improvement at all. It was time to face facts. It had to be Boil Ease or nothing. I went back to the phone and finally found what turned out to be the last tube in the neighborhood !! After a quick trip to grab the magic cure before someone else found it, my husband happily treated his problem area and waited for the promised relief. He did not have to wait long, and now he is back to his joking self. I am very happy too. Did I mention he does not tolerate pain well ? Obviously, there is no substitute for the original Boil Ease.

Hazleton, PA


Boil Ease Boil Ease pain releiving ointment

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