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Bodycology Vanilla Buttercream Body Mist

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Filled with promises of things... never to come?


I LOVE Buttercream.  I mean, you doesn't.  It's the smell of cupcakes and birthdays when you are a kid and so I was all for giving Bodycology's Vanilla Buttercream body mist a try.  The problem is, it's just not very good.  First clue should have been the fact that the number one ingreadient is alcohol. As great as the frangrance is, it is somewhat overwhelmed by the smell of the alcohol and then, just like alcohol... it's GONE. No scent, no "refreshing treat", just a tease of what should be but never is. 

Colorado Springs, CO


great for every person


I love the vanilla butter cream mist because its perfect for just going out and having fun.I chose this at my bath and body works because all their stuff is just delightful and smells delicious.I also like the lotions that they have and the other perfumes.I would suggest to shop their than any other store because the help their is fabulous and the workers are very nice.I also love the vanilla butter cream because its a sweet fragrance so i don't smell to bold.I love it and so does my family and friends so if i were you choose vanilla butter cream at your local bath and body works where the help is magnificent and the smells are out of this world you can find bath and body works almost every where i go to a one thats in a mall by yankee candle and i love it i take my family there almost every weekend it is set up nice and the workers are to good to be described i love have samples and i love when my mom comes with me and shows me how do use everything well i hope you liked my review former costomer ~ Chelsea

Oak Grove, MO


Bodycology Vanilla Buttercream Body Mist

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