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Body Solid
Body Solid

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Excellent for a home gym...


This has been a great home gym for an "average home gym user".  I'm not a work out buff and I don't work out 5 days a week.  I believe there are other home gyms out there that would have worked well for me as well, and definitely ones that wouldn't have cost me as much money.  However, I would trade my decision to purchase this one.  I have a home gym that has withstood 3 years of use and has not had to have any maintenance performed on it yet. I love the wide range of excercises I can do on this equipment and I love how quickly I can change from one to the other.  It's a great trade off between safety, sturdiness, and ease of use.  Sure, it's not free weights and it's not going to make me a super buff dude, but I knew that when I bought it.  That wasn't the purpose.  I was looking for a home gym that allowed me to work out at a decent enough level to keep fit without getting just stuck in a rut doing the same excercises over and over again. The leg press on this is great as well.  I can really work out my entire body with this home gym!

Gardendale, AL


Body Solid

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