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Volumizing Shampoo
Body Shop
Body Shop Guarana Berry Volumizing Shampoo

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Unpleasant Scent but Decent Shampoo


I received this Body Shop Guarana Berry Voluminizing Shampoo together with the Guarana Berry Conditioner as a gift. I certainly never would have paid for it after smelling it and I used it only a couple times before abandoning it. I do love The Body Shop and most of its products but there are a few that are just ineffectual or just plain stink. This actually did work well as a shampoo but it stunk. I don't even know how to describe the scent. It was almost like overripe, moldy raspberries that got pushed to the back of the fridge. It was not pleasant at all. Despite the scent it was a gift so I decided to suck it up and give it a try. It did clean my hair and left it feeling clean and soft. Unfortunately that scent remained on my hair, especially after doubling up on it by using the conditioner as well. I just really cannot recommend this unless you don't mind the scent. If you can manage to ignore the scent it is a fairly good shampoo.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo leaves hair feeling light.


So ever since I hit puberty, my hair has been plagued by oil that weighs my hair down, making it look completely bodiless.  When I asked a friend, who worked at Body Shop at the time, about what shampoo I could use to help, she suggested this product to me.  I could not be happier with that suggestion.  My hair felt light and free and full of body after just one use.  The shampoo stripped all the gunk that had developed over the years from other shampoos I had used. There are a few things to consider when using this product though.  It's definitely more of a summer shampoo, when chlorine, (which always made my hair super greasy, unlike most people) sweat, and other environmental factors can really weigh down your hair.  I first started using it in the winter and it took so much oil out of my hair that I was having trouble with fly-aways, which were particularly bad if I was blow drying my hair.  However, I fixed that problem by putting in a leave in conditioner before using the hair dryer. All in all a great product.  It's cheaper than some salon style shampoos you get at the grocery store, plus it smells great!

Columbus, OH


It is a great value and scent and works very well.


The Body Shop offers fantastic products of high quality that are purchased through community trade. Among its numerous products the brand offers natural scented shampoos. Its Guarana Berry Volumizing Shampoo works wonderfully well and without a doubt has worked to volumize my hair. It seems to work instantly. The best part aside from the great product coming from an ethical business has to be the scent. Guarana berries smell amazing and it is a really refreshing fragrance all in all. For the price alone it is worth a try. Typically the products at The Body Shop go on sale throughout the year and even if they are not on sale the company has a reward style card that is free to enroll. Simply accumulate points and get money off on purchases made after a certain amount has been spent. The shampoo comes in a nice bottle and comes in two sizes. The best bang for your buck comes in the form of the largest bottle of which can last almost a year.

Westerville, OH


Body Shop Guarana Berry Volumizing Shampoo

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