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Body Shop
Body Shop Guarana Berry Conditioner

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Unfortunate Scent and Poor Performance


I received this Body Shop Guarana Berry Conditioner as a gift along with the Guarana Berry Shampoo. Thankfully I didn't pay for it or I would have been more irritated than I was. I simply was not impressed by this. It is supposed to be some sort of berry but the conditioner does not smell like berries to me. I don't even know how to really describe it. It's just not good. The conditioner is mildly better than the shampoo but it's still not a pleasant scent that you would like to use in the shower or have remain on your hair. As a conditioner it worked reasonably well the two times I used it. After the second time I had to just throw it away due to the scent. I have thick hair and it left my hair soft but it was also very limp. Limp is not a good thing. And limp hair in combination with the scent was just too much for me. I really cannot recommend this. It's just not the best conditioner The Body Shop offers and I really cannot recommend it.

Vernon Rockville, CT




I really wanted to like this conditioner, but I just wasn't impressed. It is supposed to be volumizing and it simply wasn't. I have medium fine hair and I lie using Aveda or Pantene, and I think I'll be going back to them because this was disappointing. I actually liked the smell and didn't find it overpowering, but other reviewers thought it was a bit much. I generally really like Body Shop products and supposrt their philosophies, but occasionally I find a product that doesn't work as advertised there. I think the best thing about their products in general is the delicious smelss! I swear I could eat a tubful of the coconut body scrub!!! Anyway, I think this is probably  good hair conditioner in that it gave me a nice silky feeling to my hair, didn't weigh it down, but also didn't impress me with any volumizing effect. So if you have normal hair and just want to avoid having it weighed down, and you like the smell, I think you'd be in luck with this one!

Phoenix, AZ




I love the Body Shop. It hasn't failed me yet. My hair is naturally pin-straight, so obviously I hate it and permed the hell out of my hair multiple times for that crazy-curl look. It's hard to find a product that can heal how dry the tips are, but this one does a great job. This conditioner is great. I loved using it, and it smells so unique--but not too strange and out there that it clashes with other perfumes you may use. I'm a citrus-lover, so I use the Body Shop's Grapefruit Body Butter, I felt like the two scents mixed together really well. It feels lovely to wake up in the morning and know you're going to be smelling wonderful for the rest of the day. I recommend other Body Shop lovers to try it out!

Cypress, CA


Body Shop Guarana Berry Conditioner

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