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Bodum Young 34-oz. French Press

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Coffee lovers dream


Very easy to use, just fill with your favorite freshly ground coffee beans, boil your water, then pour over the beans. Let the beans and water steep for about 8-10 minutes, and when it smells like the coffee is right under your nose..it's done! This makes the best coffee I have ever had, very durable, has survived about 3 drops to my kitchen floor. I really enjoy this french press.





is a wonderful and great to use it's so easy and i love hes style that's really easy to use for adul and for children and i guess that's cheap i want to shipe him for my wife and for the cons for me that's not important just small pot because u can use it just for one and that's good for me ^^



nice product


Always use this product is really wonderful recommend everyone to buy this product



Totally in love with this product


Totally recommend it

San Diego ca


Its Nice


Very beautiful it is a wonderful thing and distinctive Kteira I recommend you try it because it is really wonderful and very very beautiful and so I advise everyone to answer because it really is a great thing a lot You can also use it in all places It is a very wonderful tool and very unique and wonderful and new and free for you to advise everyone to try it It is considered to be an adjunct to the human being in this modern age, and this product is considered one of the finest products that I have seen in the past, modern, past and present. I advise everyone to try it because they will not regret it at all after they buy it and try it At first you say what I will do with it. I tell you that it will benefit you in your practical life a lot Thank you .



I thank the maker of the device


I am very happy because this pregnant woman is already there. He helped me a lot in my work. He helps me to regain my activity when the coffee machine breaks down. It reduces the coffee's comfort, but the only drawback is that if you forget it, cool it, but this is not important. I advise you to buy this pregnant.



One of the most practical coffee preparing sistems


By not using direct heat on the coffee preparation, the result is a always well prepared coffee enhancing flavours without toasting over flavour.

Bogota, Colombia


Nice looking


Easy to use and tastes great. Glad i purchased .

Montclair, nj


Eh. I don't hate it, but I'm not in love with it.


I'm a coffee lover, and I've heard that the best cup comes from being made with a french press. I searched online and found the best reviews with this one. The coffee was good. I followed the directions, and bought high quality coffee. I was very pleased with the taste. The downside is that it's not very attractive. The glass was very thin and felt very fragile. The handle wasnt sturdy, but it was easy to grip. It isn't the easiest thing to clean. It's not something that I would use for every day use, but would maybe come in handy on camping trips or when the electricity is out. I'd say it's okay. I wasn't in love with it, but I don't hate it. I don't regret my purchase, and will use it every now and then. I think it would be a good gift for a coffee lover that has some free time. It's just not practical for every day use. The price on it isn't bad either, compared to some of the others I checked out. Keep in mind that this isn't hard thick glass when you are looking at others. It looks from pictures like it is very thick.

Marietta, Ohio

Flimsy Quality for a High Price


I prefer my coffee pressed since it tends to bring out the roast more, and most presses generally last a while. However, the Bodum Young 34 oz. French press gave me a lot of problems from the start. While I appreciate, the case for the beaker so that I could freely move and grab my french press while it was in use, the quality of the actual filter plate was beyond flimsy. I began to notice that some of my grounds were slipping up and escaping to the top so I kept adjusting the grind but regardless of the ground of the bean nothing seemed to do. It turned out that the plate wasn't fitting in properly, and after a few uses the filter plate was so bad that it was not even usable because it was bent. I would bend it back but it kept becoming disfigured, and I strictly hand washed this press. It is a shame because the quality of the beaker, and the case were very nice, and it was easy to clean, but with the amount of trouble the press gave me it wasn't worth it.

Millville, New Jersey


Bodum Young 34-oz. French Press

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