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Bodum Presso 10743-16 French Presses

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I can't make bad coffee with this!


Love this Bodum! It holds heat well so my coffee is still hot when I go back for the second cup. Definitely do not use too fine of a grind with your coffee, it works best with a coarse grind. I take this camping with me and it is amazing - boil some water over the fire with my kettle, make the kids hot chocolate and get the coffee brewing in the Bodum! The fact that it is metal makes it much more durable as compared to your average press pot. My kids broke my first pot (ceramic) and I really like that this is much harder to break, I'm pretty sure they would have to run over it with a car. The strainer is good quality, my last pot had a metal mesh over a metal circle, this is plastic but the edges are rubber and it lets NO grinds through and it is much more user friendly. I highly recommend it! Ease of Use Bit of a learning curve - do NOT use espresso grind! Durability Love this because my kids broke my last press pot - metal is much better!



Bodum Presso 10743-16 French Presses

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