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Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press 10683-01US

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Unique and Durable Design


Although this is sold as a coffee press I actually purchased it when I saw it at a tea shop when I was on vacation. The tea shop exclusively sold loose tea and they did not believe in brewing in bags so I asked what my other options were and they recommended this. I love that this is easy to use and a nice, big, fat design so I get a large amount of tea from one brewing. I also use this on those days when I want a really big mug of coffee. This is easy to use - you just put your loose tea or coarse ground coffee grounds in the bottom and add your water and you're good to go. You have to be very careful to use only quality loose tea because if it's cheap tea the leaves are too small and they get through the mesh and into your tea. The same is true for coffee. You have to use only coarse ground coffee or it will get through the mesh. I like that this has a nice, sturdy feel to it and does not tip when you're depressing the plunger because it is so short and fat. The handle is a nice size and very easy to grab without rubbing your knuckles along the quite hot brewing area. Overall, this is a very unique and durable design. It does a very good job of preparing coffee or tea and takes up no more room than a regular mug in the cupboard. I've had mine for about four years now and it's still going strong.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Love this French Press!


I love coffee made from the French Press method, as it is smooth and rich. Bodum makes the best French Presses. The Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press is my third. I love the plastic cover as it protects my surfaces from heat and keeps the coffee warmer longer--not that I don't drink it right away. I definitely recommend the Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press. Brew Performance The Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press makes great, smooth, rich coffee in minutes. I just add ground coffee to the pot, add hot water and stir. After three minutes, I have perfectly brewed coffee. Ease of Cleaning Everything can go directly into the dishwasher. However, I always wash mine by hand. The only issue can be separating the glass pot from its plastic cover. It is very tight. So, do this before placing it in the water. Ease of Use Using the Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press is a breeze. I heat water either in the microwave or my hot pot. I place freshly ground coffee into the pot, cover with water and let sit for a few minutes. Walla, perfect coffee every time. Design The design is perfect for adding the water without spilling and the plunger slides down easily. Durability The outer plastic protects the glass quite well. However, the pot is still glass. So, be careful.

Davis, CA


Bodum quality design makes this French press delightful


I enjoy using a French press to make coffee. There is no electricity required as the brewing process is manual. You just need hot water and ground coffee. Performance You will be able to make delicious coffee, all without electricity. Safety I think this style of French press is safer. I appreciate the plastic around the brewing container. In the past a friend of mine broke his French press because the glass was weak and broke as he lowered the plunger. At first I did not think the look was authentic with the plastic, but now I am accustomed to it. Ease of Cleaning Sometimes I rinse with diluted white vinegar and let it sit to air dry. If I use soap and water on the brew part, I have to rinse very well then make a dry run with just hot water. If I am using the press frequently, i.e. several times daily ( company & a full house) I just rinse between uses. Durability Has held up well so far, and it gets alot of use. Design I appreciate some plastic tastefully included in the exterior packaging. I have seen other French presses, all in plastic. I think the coffee tastes better made in glass than in plastic.

Williston, VT


Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press 10683-01US

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