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Bodum Crema 12-oz. French Press Coffee Maker

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Best coffee maker


I love my Bodum French Press. It makes the best cup of coffee. Far better than from a drip machine. I would replace this with another Bodum French Press when needed. It is super easy to use. Just grind coffee (or use pre-ground), put in pot, add hot water, let sit for a few minutes and then plunge. Last of all enjoy the coffee. I would never make coffee at home using a drip machine again. This size also makes a perfect amount of coffee to start the day. You don't even need to use special coffee to use this type of coffee maker. I have used fresh roasted beans but have also used coffee from the grocery store and found both ways to make a great cup of coffee. Obviously, it is better to use fresh roasted coffee beans from a local roaster. Just be careful because the glass can break if you are not careful but this is true of any coffee maker. It is slick looking and looks good in your kitchen. It is very well made. I would recommend this to anyone who loves coffee.


Southfield, MI


Bodum French Press-simple and great!


I didn't need a coffee maker, since I'm the only one in my household that drinks coffee. However, this french press is perfect-I can make two cups for myself, and all I have to do is boil some water, pour it in, and let it seep for a little while. It's also really easy to clean, which is a definite plus. The only think is that you must make sure the grounds are coarse; otherwise you can end up with a lot of grounds at the bottom of your cup. I like to put a cinnamon stick in while it's brewing for an extra treat!


Boston, MA


Bodum Crema 12-oz. French Press Coffee Maker

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