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Bodum Chambord Espresso Maker 24-oz. 10759-16


Do it like the Italians! Brew fresh espresso fast in the BODUM stovetop CHAMBORD Espresso Maker. Fill water chamber to MAX mark, insert filter, and fill with fine ground coffee. Tighten containers and place on stovetop. Steam pressure forces through grounds and condenses in upper chamber. Silicone gasket provides pressure to safely build in tightly closed unit. Safety valve allows immediate release if presure too high. This efficient extraction method produces an exceptionally rich espresso to be served in stylish mirror-polished stainless steel pot. Broad water chamber and slim upper chamber with CHAMBORD domed lid and knob. Heat-resistant and durable handle made of Bakelite. Available in 12- and 24-oz.. All parts dishwasher safe.Brews espresso easily in minutes, Stainless steel construction, Works on all stovetops, Dishwasher safe, Safety valve regulates steam pressure.

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Amazing coffee


The Bodum makes great espresso,simply,consistently and with easy clean - up. I've been very pleased with how the unit works.The strainer does an excellent job. Brew Performance Very delicious coffee so I recommend this French press for anyone who enjoys a great cup of coffee Ease of Cleaning I will suggest that anyone who use this takes the time to clean and dry it after it cools down.I place an open paper towel over the drain of the kitchen sink.after pouring the coffee into a carafe,I add a small amount of water to the press to re- suspend the grounds.i then pour them onto the paper towel,which keeps the grounds from going down the drain and causing problems Ease of Use Easy to use ,works really quickly Design Love it Durability It,s the best


Round Rock, TX


Go somewhere else


If you are looking for a decent espresso maker, please look further than the Bodum Chambord Espresso Marker. I have been highly disappointed in mine. Not only is it difficult to clean, it isn't as easy to use as it seems. My lid also doesn't quite fit, so I have to be very careful when pouring.




Bodum Chambord Espresso Maker 24-oz. 10759-16

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