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Bodum 1521 Coffee Maker

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Sturdy and Easy to Use


I purchased this as an alternative to earlier versions of Bodum brew in cup coffee makers when it first became available. Up until that time I'd been using their plastic walled cups and they weren't quite as durable as I'd like so when I discovered their stainless steel version I had to get one. This version is awesome not only because it allows you to brew coffee on the go but because it's a bit easier to clean for some reason. You still need to purchase and use special, coarse ground coffee which can be a bit difficult to find unless your local grocery store has a custom grinding machine or you have a coffee store which can grind it for you. You simply cannot use regular preground coffee in this since the grounds will get stuck in the mesh and some will get through into your coffee. I like this model better than the plastic ones since it is far less delicate and I can use straight boiling water in it. I just boil some water in the microwave and pour it in the cup over my grounds and I'm good to go. This does have a slightly stickier depressor though. For some reason it seems to stick on the way down and goes very slowly but it's not horrible and I'd prefer to have to spend an extra thirty seconds depressing it than having it go down too fast and have hot coffee spray up on me. This is a great size for cup holders in most cars and fits nicely. It's sturdy and does not leak. And it's relatively easy to clean, especially in a dishwasher.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Bodum 1521 Coffee Maker

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