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Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

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Doesn't pass with my two preteens


I am a mother of two preteens and they won't go near this stuff. I love it! But the kids think it tastes too much like health food. I think the taste of wheat is too strong, because they have grown up on wheat bread and love it (but not the grainy stuff). Better for Moms and Dads than the kids, I generally buy one original and one wheat!

La Jolla, CA


Great way to include the kids in making a healthy pizza!


The Whole Wheat Boboli crust is a great way to involve the kids in making a healthy pizza.  It doesn't taste like typical whole wheat, and once you add the tomato sauce, and the low fat cheese, and a few spices, it's quite yummy for everyone!  Sneak in that fiber, Mom and Dad!

Miami Beach, FL


Boboli Whole Wheat crust is a healthy and tasty option


If you like to eat pizza and make it at home but you are calorie or health conscious, then Boboli Whole Wheat crust is a good option for you to make it healthier. When I first saw it I was concerned because the crust it thinner than the original Boboli pizza crust that I used to use but it also has a lot more fiber than the original crust. The taste was really good and I was pleasantly surprised.  Only one downside is the crust was a bit tough.  However when I compared it to other wheat crust options, it still was a great option.  ALso tastes way better than whole wheat crust that I tried to make from scratch.  This is a much faster and easier solution. I will say that if you get this you need to be prepared for the fact that it is healthy and therefore tastes like a health food product.  I made it once for my husband and didn't tell him that I used a whole wheat crust instead of regular crust and he did not even notice, so that's a good test!

Tampa, FL


Nice healthy alternative


My favorite food is pizza...so I've had a LOT of different kinds.  While often the most yummy pizza is terrible for your waistline, sometimes you get a craving and this was a nice healthy option to fill the bill when you don't want to go on a full calorie splurge.  Being high in fiber it was more filling too...especially when coupled with a salad.  If you want to add more flavor to the relatively bland crust, be more creative with your toppings!

Santa Cruz, CA


better off with the premade pizza dough


i have made this before i thought it would be quick and easy and therefore a perfect dinner for my family and its pizza to boot how can you go wrong?  but it had a bitter taste that i didnt care for.  easy to make just add the sauce and cheese but the taste of the dough was just wrong.  i have used pre made dough from the supermarket but thought this would be faster.  in the end the better taste is worth the time.

Staten Island, NY


Love the idea, hate the chemical taste


I love the idea of a quick and easy way to make pizza. But the Boboli falls far short of good pizza to  me. What I did like was the minimal packaging and the fact that I dont have to pre cook a crust then add toppings and cook again. It is also good in that you can custom pick your own sauce and toppings, using a higher quality than you may find at a restaurant. What I dont like is the aftertaste. It is somewhat bitter and tastes like bad preservatives or chemicals. I tried it a few times to be fair, but each one had the same bitter aftertaste. I guess I have to stick with ordering my pizza out.

Portage, MI


Great idea - but has a bitter aftertaste. Needs seasoning.


I was excited when the whole wheat crust came out but disappointed by the taste.  I love whole grain and whole wheat products and I think the makers of boboli could have done better.  If they added cheese and some other seasonings and spices, it would help.  I just dont feel satisfied with the taste.  If Lean cuisine and healthy choice can make a healthy crust that taste good, sure Entenmanns can do it too.

San Antonio, TX


Whole Grain Pizza


I love the taste of these pizza crusts because they are made with whole grains, cholesterol free and high in flavor.  Each crust is the perfect size for a personal pizza and is so easy too make.  The result after baking is a crispy outside and crunchy, chewy inside.  This crust is perfect for any toppings and stands up to the thickest sauces.  It is high in fiber and healthier than normal pizza crusts.  This is a thin and crispy crust, but it bakes up with a soft texture inside which I love.  Each serving of the regular size crust is only 150 calories and 3 grams of fat and is the perfect base to making your favorite type of pizza.  This is free of trans fats and has a lot of whole grain flavor.  I love that you can buy these crusts in a personal size or a family size and it is an easy way to add whole grains to the pizza taste you love.  This crust will stand up to any flavors you want to add on top, and is a great way to add some whole grain goodness to your favorite pizza pie.

Las Vegas, NV


Boboli Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

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