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Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Lip Color

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Do not like this product.


Lipstick color fades so fast. I have to keep applying it over and over again through out the day and that is without eating anything. I get more coverage from a lipstick purchased at a drug store for far less money. I would never buy a Bobbie Brown lipstick again.

Orlando, FL


You have to buy this lipstick!


I am someone who is always searching for the perfect lipstick in the perfect shade.  I was pleasantly surprised when my order from Bobbi Brown arrived.  They package your make-up great and they tuck in a few surprise samples.  The lipstick was everything I was was searching for (at least for this week!) .  I was looking for the perfect nude lipstick and Bobbi Brown delivered.  It is a perfect shade of nude.  It goes on very creamy and does not have any strange lipstick taste or smell.  I love Bobbi Brown products, they are a little on the expensive side so sign up for their e-mail specials.  This order I received free shipping.  Also get for secret coupon codes I can usually find one of those if they aren't offering any.

Gurnee, IL


Bobbi Brown Lip Color

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