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Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

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Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick BEST EVER!!!


Using this product is easy, easier than using liquid foundation. You literally draw lines across your forehead, under eyes, over cheekbones and across the chin and blend. I find that it blends quite easily. There is a hidden bonus with using this product...no need for a separate concealer (it is a cocealer in and of itself) or powder (it doesn't leave a shine as is the case with some liquid makeups). The consistency of this foundation is similar to a powder-spun compact foundation; only it's in stick form...no need for the sponge applicator! Another little hidden bonus is, because it's small (about the size of a quarter in circumference and two lipsticks put together in length), it doesn't take up much space in the cosmetics bag. And like lipstick, it doesn't end at the base of the tube. There is another ¾" of product beyond the base. It has been my experience that the Foundation Stick wears very well; lasting all day with little or no touch-up required. And because BB uses yellow undertones in her foundations (unlike most cosmetics lines that still use pink undertones), it looks very natural and gives my complexion a warm healthy glow. I seem to get more compliments on my complexion when I wear the BB Founcation Stick. The coverage it provides is EXACTLY what I like...somewhere between cover the flaws and can't tell I'm wearing makeup. It really does provide a nice coverage. Also, I have combination skin (oily T-zone, dry cheek and eye area) and this product does not produce a shiny nose, chin or forehead I sometimes get using other products, even after several hours of wear. Nor does it cause blemishes or bumps in my problem areas.


Miami, FL


Great coverage!


This product is DEFINITELY not for oily skin as it will make oily skinners look greasy. However, it's a FABULOUS undereye concealer and gives nice, full coverage using just a small amount of product. It is also very easily blendable which is important if you're using it under your eyes since the skin there is very delicate and therefore it's best to use something that will just sink and disappear into your skin.  The color range is great too; I'm sure there's a shade for everyone.  The packaging is very easy to use and easy to transport as well (mess-free and won't give you problems with the TSA as opposed to liquid foundations). I admit, I DID use it on my cystic acne (which prolly exacerbated my condition) but it was the only thing I had that would cover it up. I really love the coverage of the foundation stick. But, like I had said, it's prolly BEST used as an undereye concealer. It will most likely serve as a great foundation for dry skin sufferers too.  


Garden City, NY


TIme Saver


I really love this as a concealer, base and foundation.  I really find it so easy to use and worth the money.  I really didn't find it hard to apply and it blended really well.  I used a makeup sponge to blend and it really did the trick. All in all, the easiest part of my day,


Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


I always thought this was "cake" make-up-- it's actually good!


I am not a big make-up person, so when I went for a makeover several months ago, it was pretty fun for me. I learned all new things. And, I especially learned about foundation. When the woman applied Bobbi Brown foundation to my face, I was definitely hesitant. Come on-- could it really make a big difference? All I knew is that I didnt want to look like I was DEAD or wearing cake make-up. And, to my suprise, it looked GREAT! I couldnt believe how much it evened my skin out-- and it was easy. A friend that came with said that she could really tell the difference as well. **The Bobbi Brown foundation trick:** I learned the trick is putting a good moisturizer underneath and then applying the foundation with a foundation brush.  The Bobbi Brown foundation is creamy and comes in a stick (not liquid format), so it looks less like a liquid "cake" skin. It takes about 5-7 minutes to do your whole face-- which means it would never make it into my daily routine. **So, did I buy it anyway? YES!** It made a good enough impression that I bought a tube (it comes in a tube like lipstick but thicker), as well as the foundation brush (which is more expensive than the foundation) and I use it for special occassions and photos. You really can tell the difference. **Is it better than other foundations? Worth the pricetag?**I am probably not a great person for comparisons, since I have never owned foundation before. But, as someone who was very anti-foundation for a LONG time, I have been converted. So, that says a lot.


Chicago, IL


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

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