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Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 (69R00001)

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Satisfactory for everyday computing needs


Good for average computer use, not ideal for graphic design or video game use due to sensitivity issues and connection loss Performance Performs okay, but is not accurate enough for tiny movements as required in tasks such as graphic design or video games. It frequently loses connection and must be switched off and back on to reestablish a bluetooth connection, and sometimes the connection is very delayed after turning the switch on. This leads to a frustrating experience. The only advantage is the bluetooth capability so there is no bothersome cord. Durability Besides the connectivity issues, mine has lasted for many years. The only noticeable wear is the left click button, which sometimes needs to be pressed hard in order to register. Design Good if you want a small, lightweight mouse. The scroll wheel and side button are good additions. Comfort It's ergonomic, which is great for being left-handed. It glides over the mousepad easily due to it's small design and light weight.



Excellent Silent Mouse!


I just got this mouse the other day and it has been great.  It's quite a bit smaller than my last mouse which was a Logitech v220 but it handles very well.  The mouse wheel works very well although it's a pretty simple scroller/button.  The two mouse buttons are very silent and sometimes it can feel like they aren't even being clicked sometimes, but this can be a plus if you tend to stay up and browse while someone is sleeping...very quiet mouse.  The mouse uses two triple aaa batteries and being bluetooth, utilizes your computer's bluetooth which connects and works flawlessly on my laptop.  So far I am very happy with this purchase.

Salem, NH


Not worth the money I paid for this Microsoft Mouse!!!


I ordered this mouse online for my laptop because I was missing a mouse and tired of the mouse pad thingy on my laptop even though it works great.  I was excited that it was so easy to setup and use.  I mean come on plug into the USB port and I was ready to go with no software needed.  But all good things come to an end and this bottomed out really FAST.  I have only owned this mouse for not even two weeks and it stopped working completely.  My laptop reads the USB connector but the mouse is totally useless.  It no longer works.  I have tried everything the manual said and even replaced the batteries with out any improvement.  I am highly disappointed that when I bought something Microsoft because I thought it would be reliable I was let down.  Now I am back to using the mouse pad thingy on the laptop instead of my brand new mouse.  I am highly disappointed in this product and would never reccomend it to anyone.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Reliable mouse that is easy to use


I use my Microsoft wireless mouse with a hewlett packard laptop.  You simply plug the mouse USB into the correct port on your computer and the mouse is operational.  I am not very technology savvy and even I had this mouse up and running withing the first five minutes.  There are two buttons on the mouse, a left and a right as well as a track wheel for scrolling down the middle.  I love that I no longer get my mouse cord caught around objects on my desk and that there is no longer a messy looking cord scattered about my work space.  The mouse is also very quiet and does not click loudly like my mouse at work.  One drawback of the mouse I have found is that it runs out of batteries fairly quickly.  I have owned the mouse for about six months and have replaced the battery in my mouse about four times.  The good thing is the mouse only requires a single double A battery, so the expense of replacing batteries often is quite low. 

Loveland, OH


Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 (69R00001)

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