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Blueberry Minky Diaper Snaps

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Blueberry Minkys are nice diapers


Blueberry Minkys are really nice diapers. We only had one for my son because they are really expensive. I'm not sure why they are so expensive, honestly, but it did hold up really well. For my son we had the fleece liner, and it got pilly, I often wondered it it bothered my son, but it didn't seem to. I also had issues with the velcro coming unsewn - both from the diaper and from itself. I had to resew it a couple of times. But this diaper got a lot of use, and the velcro stayed strong and the elastic held up. So ovreall I was happy with it. I just recently bought two of these with the bamboo liner in them and snaps for the baby we are having soon. They seem very nice and are very, very soft. The minky diapers are also super cute.


Battle Ground, IN


Blueberry Minkys are soft


Blueberry minkys come in 2 different basic varieties, Bamboo or Fleece liner. I prefer the bamboo because it feels so soft against my skin. The inserts are all microfiber but you can upgrade to the bamboo inserts if you pay more. Blueberries come in very cute prints, and their cow print is very popular. I love the minky because it is so soft and you just want to pet it all day. I don't like the fit however. They are better for a larger baby. Even though they are one size, if you snap them all the way down, they are extremely wide for their rise. And look very akward. In terms of function, if you can get a good fit for your baby, they perform very well. They are not the best night time diaper, but great for the day, especially if you're looking to match the diaper with a cute outfit. I also don't like that the pocket doesn't have a flap to keep the insert in.


Los Angeles, CA


We Love Blueberry Minky One-Size Cloth Diapers


When I was pregnant there was a buy 4 get one free deal on Blueberry Minky One-Size Cloth Diapers and I bought some.  I am so glad I did!  My son has been wearing them for over a year now (about 15 months) and they still look and feel like new.  I've bought a few more to add to our stash since but these Blueberry Minky One-Size Cloth Diapers are definitely my go to diapers.  They never leak and are just awesome cloth diapers.  They are a bit more expensive, but worth the price.  You can choose for them to come with a microfiber insert or the hemp/microfiber combination insert (we LOVE LOVE LOVE these inserts) and the diapers are SO cute and so cozy and they fit my almost 40lb toddler just fine with room to grow.  If I had it to do over again I would order an entire stash of these Blueberry Minky One-Size Cloth Diapers because they are so nice and so cute.  They are worth every penny and I wish I hadn't dealt with the headache of other companies and just used these only.


Portland, OR


Blueberry Minky Diaper Snaps

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