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Blue Wilderness Chicken Canned Cat Food

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Quality Product


Since I switched my cats to a grain free diet recently we have tried almost every single brand of canned food in Petco! This was among the ones that were considered acceptable but not eaten to the last bite. Blue Buffalo is an excellent brand in general, providing a high quality food that is free of meat by-products, grains, and artificial preservatives and colors. I feel comfortable feeding this quality product to my cats. However, they don't seem to really like the chicken flavor. I guess it is lacking a certain something flavor wise. I also like that this food is available not only in the larger 5.5 ounce can but the smaller three ounce can, which is great for just one or two cats to share. I feed a three ounce can to my two cats for breakfast and dinner and serve dry food all day long. So three ounces is just about the perfect size. The 5.5 ounce can is nice for those with more than two cats. In any case, this is a high quality product and if your cats like the flavor it's worth it.

Vernon Rockville, CT


A great wet cat food


I must say that blue wilderness chicken canned cat food is a wonderful product. My cats totally enjoy this food and I feel good feeding them such a high quality food. It is more expensive than your run of the mill wet cat food, but the nutrition that your cat will get from it is worth it. I had a very sick kitty that did not want to eat. This was the one food that he would actually show interest in. As he got better I educated myself on cat nutrition and found this to be a very high quality and palitible food for my cat so he gets it all the time now. I do usually feed the dry food, but he does get this sometimes more as a treat than his main meal. Many foods are full of grain and fillers and this food is just full of high quality natural ingredients that keep him healthy and he just loves to eat. It can be difficult to find in stores and even not all pet stores carry this product. It is easy to research on the internet and find a store.

Logansport, IN


Blue Wilderness Chicken Canned Food - Great!


Blue Wilderness Chicken Canned Food is a great quality wet cat food that my cats LOVE.  Blue Wilderness is made with fresh high quality ingredients, unlike most cheap/poor quality canned foods. Blue Wilderness has no by products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It is made with quality meats, vegetables and vitamins. This food is high protien, which is good for all cats and especially helpful if your cat is overweight. I have 8 cats and almost every cat loves this food. I am very happy to feed them such a high quality food. I believe feeding them high quality foods makes them happier and healthier than poor quality grocery store brands of cat food. Blue Wilderness is a little more expensive than other canned cat foods, but if you can afford it and you really care about your cats' health, than give this food a try and feel good that you're feeding your kitty such a high quality food.

Grand Blanc, MI


Blue Wilderness Chicken Canned Cat Food

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