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Blue Spa Select Tender Turkey & Chicken Entree Canned Food

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Well Balanced Nutrition


Oddly, this is says that it has been but it is still available at Petco. Anyway, I really liked the Blue Buffalo brand until I switched my cats to a grain free diet. All of their products are extremely high quality and I felt confident feeding them to my cats. I liked that meat was actually in the ingredients. Not the meat by-products in some products, but rather real meal. They also add whole grains, such as brown rice, and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes. I also liked that the product was available in both the smaller three ounce sized can and also the larger 5.5 ounce can. The three ounce can is the perfect size for one or two cats to share for breakfast and dinner, along with dry food throughout the the day. While I liked the nutrition the line provides, and my cats really enjoyed the taste I ultimately decided to switch them to a grain free diet and so have stopped using this. However, if you're not on a grain free diet, this is among the best products around and would be an excellent option for your cat.

Vernon Rockville, CT


healthy food for your cats


Blue Buffalo makes great food for cats, their indredidents are all real, they stay away from nasty fillers and things that dont add to the benfits if the food. No by-products for my cat, just healthy meat and veggies, there might be some fruit in there too! This stuff has got to be my cats favourite food and helps keep her feeling well and healthy. It is also great to have so many different options for flavors since the more finechy cats can get bored of one flavor. However, I do wish that Blue Buffalo could come out with a soft-chew snack that is tasty and healthy, there are many soft treats out there but none of them seem to be very healthy. For a cat like mine, 20 years old, she has a hard time chewing and digesting hard cat food so I would love to be able to leave out a bowl of soft bites without worrying about the food going bad as wet food can dry up over time. Overall Blue Buffalo Spa Select is a great product approved by both me and Shadow. I noticed at the bottom that one con is listed as "canbe difficult to find" this has never been a problam for me since I live near a Tractor Supply and they always have a great selection.

Philadelphia, PA


Seems to be a quality product, but none of my cats would eat it.


I have 5 cats and like to try different cat foods for variety. I'm willing to pay more for quality and buy from pet stores to try better brands. My cats would NOT eat it...at all. I gave some to my friend who has 2 cats...One if hers wouldn't touch it, but the other liked it...so I gave her the rest of the bag. The bag cost 9.00 for 3.5 lbs which is a bit higher than I normally pay, but I thought it was worth a try....So 6 out of 7 cats I tested it on wouldn't even touch it....

Venice, FL


I feel good about feeding this to my cats.


I used to purchase Iams and was in the local pet supply store when a representative suggested this brand.  I love that it has no by products, I feel safer giving this to my cats for their nutritional well being.  And they seem to really like it to, when I added it to their diet, they didn't shy away and they didn't seem to suffer from any form of indigestion. You can't find it at the local grocery store, but it is available at the big name pet supply places as well as the more boutique pet supply places. It is marginally more expensive than the Iams I used to purchase, but I think it's worth it to keep my cats healthy and not needing to go to the vet all the time.  I only get so many years with them, I want those years to be quality years.  My cats don't ask for much of anything, the least I can do is feed them well.

Torrance, CA


Blue Spa Select Tender Turkey & Chicken Entree Canned Food

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