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Blue Spa Select
Blue Spa Select Chicken and Rice Formula

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Blue Spa select chicken and rice is healthy but not well liked.


I bought this food for my cat because I wanted to invest in food that was healthy and wholesome, hoping that in the future, it will pay off in less vet visits and bills. I have read and heard that blue buffalo brand is one of the best out there and full of nutrition for your pets. It smells even fresher than the cat chow that i was giving my cat before. He got really excited when he smelled it, but when he started eating, he really didn't eat as much as usual, he usually finishes his dish. The little kibbles are pretty hard and round, so I am not sure if that is harder to eat. Maybe it is a good thing, because the kibble is more dense. I guess time will tell if he continues to eat it and seems satisfied. I feel that the quality of ingredients in blue buffalo cat food is very high and it does not have all the fillers of cheap cat food. It is more expensive, but if it pays off in vet bills later, I would say that it is worth it.

Lexington, MO


Blue Buffalo Dry Foods Foods are Great for Cats!


Blue Buffalo Select Dry Foods for cats are great. My cats love it and I highly recommend it. Blue Buffalo dry cat foods are a high quality food. Unlike the cheaper brands like Friskies or Nine Lives, Blue Buffalo does not contain by-products, preservatives, articificial colors or flavors or cheap fillers. Blue Buffalo has high quality meats, vegetables, fruits and vitamins and minerals. It also contains "life source bits" which are small darker colored food pieces that are full of nutrients and antioxidants. Blue Buffalo dry cat foods are a little higher priced but are worth it for the great quality. I have eight cats and they all love Blue Buffalo dry foods. They seem to prefer it over most other types of dry food. Blue Buffalo dry food for cats has many different formulas to suit your specific needs. They also have several different bag sizes for your convenience. You should try Blue Buffalo dry foods for your cats today. You won't be sorry.  

Grand Blanc, MI


Can't won't eat anymore


I have a cat who used to only eat this food and nothing else. His sister eats a less expensive food and soft food but he never would take to anything else. I have always been willing to pay the high price but now they have changed the formula and shape. He will not have anything to do with it. I tried mixing it with milk to no avail. I tried mixing it with some of the old formula which resulted in him going under the bed and not coming out. (something he has never done) He was very upset that I took away "his" food. I found one bag of kitten food in the old formula after chasing all over three counties. Sadly once this kitten formula is done, he will be without food again. I honestly don't understand why companies change the taste and shape so drastically without thought. Surely they must understand that there are a lot of animals who are very taste and shape specific. So, now that I have voiced my dislike for the change, I would like to add something interesting about the food. Since the cat in question eats nothing but the Blue Buffalo Spa Selects Chicken and Brown Rice he is quite different than his twin sister who eats Friskies hard food and soft food. The cat who eats Blue Buffalo is much stockier, he is very muscular but also very heavy. His teeth are very large and strong, no doubt from the entirely hard food diet. His sister on the other hand is long and lean and very light on her feet. She is easily 7 pounds lighter than he is. She has delicate teeth that are smaller in size. You may not find that very interesting until you base it on the rest of the litter who are like the sister, along with the mother and father. They all eat less expensive food and are more lean, quick, energetic and have more delicate teeth like cats normally do. My male cats teeth are more comparable to a wild cat. They are that different in size and shape. It does make me wonder about the food. Perhaps it is good that he will hopefully take to another brand of food and will be able to lose some weight and not be as aggressive as he is. I've owned cats for 45 years now. I've never seen such a difference in a litter or the animals in particular as I have in this cat. He wouldn't wean from the mother and had to be bottle fed so getting him onto any cat food was a battle. For some reason he took to the Blue Buffalo so I kept buying it. No other cat in the home eats it however. I always found that interesting but alas, cats will be cats. I just hope I don't end up losing a cat who is only a year old because a company decided to make three drastic changes to one food so carelessly.

Youngwood, PA


Absolute best I've found for the price range


When I was doing research on cat foods after suddenly deciding to rescue a stray kitten, I was overwhelmed by the incredible lack of ingredients that would be nutritious for a (cute) carnivor--most of what I found, including the so-called "veterinarian approved" brands were loaded with grains and particularly revolting-sounding items like "animal byproduct" and "animal digest".  I couldn't find anything remotely affordable that I wouldn't feel horrible feeding to my little guy.  Finding Blue Spa Select food pretty much solved my problem.  Although the food does contain a fair amount of grain, they are human grade whole grains like rice and barley, and none of it is corn, wheat, or soy, which seem to be the absolute worst for cats.  Meat also comprises the first two ingredients, and its **human-grade **meat, not disinfected slaughter house rejects.  It is a bit on the expensive side, but nothing in its price range really even compares to the quality of ingredients.  Not only that, but because cats can actually *use* most of the nutrients in the food, you don't have to feed them as much.  My little guy's coat has become so soft and shiny since I started using it.  I only wish it was more readily available.

Geneseo, NY


Blue Buffalo is the best pet food out there!!


**Blue Buffalo cat food is made from human grade ingredients along with a life source bit. The life source bit is made by cold forming the vitamans and nutrients that are most important to your specific kitty. Weight control would be designed solely for overweight cats, while the kitten food is made for the young cat. Blue Buffalo may be a bit higher priced, but you pay for great quality cat food. If you wouldn't eat it yourself, it's not in the food!**

Bridgeport, MI


Blue Spa Select Chicken and Rice Formula

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