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Dry Dog Food
Blue Seal
Blue Seal Dry Dog Food

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Puppy food is great!


We have recently weaned a litter of plott hounds and after having issues with a different brand of puppy food a friend recommended blue seal brand dog food. My adult dogs eat another brand and I tried the puppy food from that same company and the pups didn't all adjust to it. Seeing how they were separated from their mom and there are 10 of them it would not be realistic to try to feed them separately and different kinds of foods so we had to switch to something else and hope it would work for them all. After a friend told us about blue seal dog food we gave it a try. The blue seal brand has no colors in it the food is a tan color and a chicken flavor which seems like that would be gentler on their stomachs. It is smaller sized pieces easier for little teeth and mouths to crunch through. They all like the taste of it and none of them are having any issues with the blue seal brand like we had happen with other brands before this one. All 10 puppies are healthy and look perfect. They have nice shiny coats and the ones who were not doing well off other puppy food are doing great. I am happy to have found a puppy food that is gentler but still tastes good to the pups. I like that blue seal puppy food comes in a large bag which is convenient for someone with a whole litter and the price is not bad. It is worth the price and cost to see the babies happy and playful without having any problems. I highly recommend it to anyone with a puppy and to breeders too because it was the only one I could find that worked for the whole litter. No throwing up, no off consistency of defications and results you can see from the outside as well. I am seriously thinking about switching my adult dogs to blue seal brand too because although they are doing good on what they have now, there is always room for improvement especially in a working dog who are athletes year round.



blue seal lamb and rice is all my dog and cat eat!


We have always fed our schipperke blue seal lamb and rice dog food which he loves.  He has never been sick or overweight.  It is affordable as a bonus.  The weirdest thing about this food is that it cured my cat!  For several years our cat was mostly hairless and covered in sores, ichy and nasty.  After three vets "help" and multiple expensive foods, ivd duck and pea for supposed allergies, and welness soft and dry foods, acupuncture, chinese herbs, steriods, you name it we tried it, we noticed her always trying to get into the bin of dog food.  Let her try it, she loved it and has eaten it exclusively ever since.  She immediately grew hair and healed up, she never had been able to gain weight before, always weighed around 6 pounds, now she is fluffy and fat and happy.  No idea why it works, but we like this food at our house.

Randolph, VT


Great food for my dogs, they love it.


I buy **Blue Seal** **Lamb and Rice** (*Life Stages is the one I buy*)dog food which can only be purchased at a feed store.  I live in Uncasville, CT which is in the New England area.  I buy Blue Seal dog food because it is made here in New England and there are no meat by products, and all ingredients are made fresh and all natural.  I feel really good about feeding this food to my dogs.  They also have it for cats.  Comes in different flavors and varieties.  They also have a frequent buyers program.  There web page is www.blueseal.com  They also sell can food and dog biscuits.

Uncasville, CT


Blue Seal Dry Dog Food

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