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Blue Q
Blue Q Boss Lady Lip Balm

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Addicted to it!! <3


Ahh I love lip balm, chapstick, lip gloss, basically anything you can put on your lips lol. I love this stuff! My friend recommended it and so i decided, "hey what the heck". So I went out and bought it and it's great! I love the fact that it has fun names which are awesome! haha. Also i like the fact that it goes on smooth unlike other lip balms which can be harsh against your lips and unpleasant. It is also non-petroleum which can be very rare in lip balms. I know it can be a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth it in the end TRUST me. Also it's not waxy so their's no buildup of that stuff on your lips. The one shown in the picture is actually my favorite! It's red, and it goes on my lips so well. I tell everyone that uses chapstick/lipbalm to get this product because it works well and leaves my lips feeling great! :) Do i recommend this to friends? Yes Do i recommend this to you? Absolutely.

Parlin, NJ


I'm the Boss with Boss Lady


I got this lip balm as part of a gift set that someone gave me.  I don't think it's one I would have bought for myself originally but I must admit, I love it.  I used it all up and I didn't know where to get another one.  It's an interesting smell and taste, but unique and definitely something I loved.  I was really impressed by the packaging and the marketing of this product.  So funny!  Reminds me of a woman you don't want to mess with. It was creamy and smooth on my lips and wasn't heavy or sticky.  This is something I look for in a lip balm.  It kept my lips chap free and I need that for this dry Nevada weather.  It's nice and small and fits well in my purse. As soon as I find somewhere that sells Boss Lady again, I will buy a few of these.  I'm all for trying something at least once and I think that anyone else who buys this product will agree that it's surely worth owning.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lip balm that isn't your standard drugstore brand.

Carson City, NV


Blue Q Boss Lady Lip Balm

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