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Blue Hat Toy Company
Blue Hat Toy Company Time Space Projection Alarm Clock

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Only awesome in theory


My son was so excited to receive this alarm clock as a gift, and couldn't wait to use it. Unfortunately, it was pretty obvious right from the start this one is cheaply made. It has to be incredibly dark to see any of the images at all, and even in pitch blackness they can only be seen at a very specific angle. From looking at the product image, you'd image the time is displayed glowing all the time, but in actuality it only flashes momentarily before going into a power saver kind of mode. Disappointing for a little boy who likes to know the time and was hoping it would be as the image suggests. It's also extremely frustrating that it requires an AC adapter that it s not included. For the price I paid, I'm not willing to purchase that additionally, so I don't know if it would be a better experience with that or not. All in all I really loved the idea of it, it's cute in theory but it just wasn't executed very well.



Nightlight and Alarm Clock in 1


I got this item as a gift from a friend of mine who thought I would enjoy using it which I do. I personally like using it for one thing which is the projection. The alarm setting is a bit difficult because the set up is a bit confusing until you get the hang of it, also you would have to pick up the rocket clock in order to set your alarm or it would tip over. You are able to project both an image (moon, earth, planets or a moon landing picture) and the time that's on the clock which I thought was pretty neat. You are able to move the projection lights foward, turn it around and adjust the clearness of the picture. You can't see the time at nice unless you have the numbers projected which was very disappointing in case you just want the picture (like me) and not having the time cover the picture. It does have a snooze button and you have the ability to choose to plug in the device or just use batteries, so if you want to take it on a camping trip you can. If your kids need a night light and need an alarm and love outer space this is a great thing to grab. The picture is really bright and very beautiful (I perfer the moon). It may not be great for an alarm clock, but it is great as a soothing night light.

Santa Cruz, CA


Blue Hat Toy Company Time Space Projection Alarm Clock

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