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Blue Hat Toy Company
Blue Hat Toy Company Blue Hat Toy Company Kids Mp3 player

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Great toy, but do some research


My mother-in-law bought this Blue Hat Toy Company mp3 player for my two year old.  I had never heard of Blue Hat Toy Company but I did some research and read reviews and I'm glad I did. But I also read a lot of reviews of people who didn't figure this out so here's your warning:... After fiddling with this for a long time, I realized that you have to turn it on (at the back) and THEN press the green play button to get it to actually power up.  I kept thinking the batteries were dead or something when it didn't come on when I turned it on.  It's a stupid design flaw, and I hope they fix it if they make a new version. But once you get past that, it works pretty well.  It's durable and my kid has thrown it across the room and it still works. The batteries seem to last for a long time.  I like that you can load your own music using a USB cable.  I took off the silly songs that came on it and loaded on ones that my son likes.


Jefferson, OR


Very nice toy for toddler, but battery insertion stinks!


I bought one of these as a gift. Good thing I read the reviews stating it was difficult to insert the batteries! I decided to try it out. It is indeed very, very hard to put in the batteries. They must have worked very hard to design such a difficult battery compartment. What happened to the battery compartments that lay horizontally that are easy to put the batteries in? I digress... In order to get it to work I had to manually bend the contact points for the negative side of the battery in order to make contact. TIP: To make it slightly easier to get the batteries in make sure the screws are completely pushed up into the lid so that the clear white plastic ring is just on the bottom of the screw. This way you can completely push down on the lid while trying to screw them in. I'm giving this product a 3 star due to the difficulty of putting in the batteries. If you are willing to do some work to get it to work then this is a cute, easy to use mp3 player for a toddler.


Coraopolis, PA


Blue Hat Toy Company Blue Hat Toy Company Kids Mp3 player

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