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Blue Canoe
Blue Canoe Jane Sleep Bra

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Most comfortable bra for nursing or sleeping


When I was expecting my first child, I went to a boutique that specializes in fitting nursing bras. I am rather well endowed even when not pregnant and nursing, so none of the bras that I found at normal maternity stores were working for me. They fitted me with several traditional nursing bras (with underwire and clasps on the strap to undo) and then they fitted me with this one. I LOVE it. I loved it so much that I bought several of them to use while pregnant (mainly for sleeping or when lounging) and then for nursing. I even bought some when I was back to my normal size to wear when not pregnant or nursing.  They have a soft band around the bottom, and then have a crossover the breasts that allows you to pull to the side for nursing. The "straps" are made of the same material (no seams in the main part, just between the band and body of the bra). It is a stretchy cotton that washes great. They also make special sizes for those who aren't as big around the torso, but have larger cup sizes. I think they are called the "Plus" cup.   My negative-they stretch out after a couple of wears, so you have to wash them to get them back to normal. But they wear well-I've had several for going on 4 years and can still wear them! 

Houston, TX


Blue Canoe Jane Sleep Bra

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